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Sunday, May 24, 2015

4.15-16 OPC Softball Results

The following are results from Monday and Tuesday’s Oxford Park Commission youth softball action played at FNC Park. 

Bandits 20, Diamonds 7
Hustle: Bandits—Morgan Manscoe. Angels—Lillian Rawson.

Hitting: Bandits—Not available. Angels—Bailey White.

Fielding: Bandits—Kaylin Mathis. Angels—MiMi Crowe.

Angels 4, Comets 1
Hustle: Angels—Josephine Wood. Comets—Anna Walker, Addie Grace McCord.

Hitting: Angels—Katherine Louis Barton. Comets—Anna Walker, Molly Catherine Tannehill.

Fielding: Angels—Presley Thomas. Comets—Kenlee Harrison, Addie Grace McCord.

Comets 6, Diamonds 4
Hitting: Comets—Alycia Hughes three runs; Madisyn Cobbs one home run, one run; Alexandria Martin three triples; Rowan Smillie two singles; Haley Grace Stevenson one single, one double, two runs. Diamonds—Sara Grace Moore two doubles, two runs; Taylor Styers one double, one run; Grace Thompson one single, one run.

Pitching: No information provided.

Bandits 10, Angels 9
Hitting: Bandits—Courtney Woodard one double, two RBIs, two runs; Ansley McDaniel two runs; Tykia Gipson one single. Angels—Ruth Kirsch two home runs, three RBIs, two runs; Emma Hayes Roberts one single; two runs; Mary Page Ingalls one single, one RBI.

Pitching: Bandits—Tykia Gipson three innings, nine runs, five hits, six strikeouts. Angels—Kinley Lindsay one inning, two runs, one hit, two strikeouts; Hudson two innings, seven runs, four hits, four strikeouts.

Diamonds 19, Comets 6
Hitting: Diamonds—Joslin Williams one single, one double, two runs; Lauren Jean Rives one single, three runs; Mariah Holland one triple, three runs; Kirkland Pruitt one single, two RBIs, two runs; Lilly Gray one single, one RBI, three runs. Comets—Chrystian Scruggs one single, one run; Mary Emma Boyd one single, one RBI.

Pitching: Diamonds— Lauren Jean Rives three innings, six runs, two hits, seven strikeouts.

Comets—Abi Leigh Doss three innings, 19 runs, six hits, four strikeouts.

Angels 12, Bandits 2
Hitting: Angels—Aja Norphlet two singles, three runs; Yazmine Norphlet one single, one run; Caliya Toles one single; Elizabeth Hubbard one single, two runs; Ally Bowen one single, one run. Bandits—Julia Grayce Bishop one home run, one run; Ana Brooke Watts one single; Kimberlee Hebdon one single.

Pitching: Angels—Madison Crosby three innings, two runs, two hits, five strikeouts. Bandits—Julia Grayce Bishop three innings, 12 runs, seven hits, four strikeouts.

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