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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cutting Room Floor: More on the “Rebelz” video shoot

VIDEO BLOG: Thursday evening the local rap group King Kobraz filmed a revised music video of their hit “Rebelz.”

As it was explained to me, Ole Miss Sports Productions took on the project, brought Tim Burkhead in as director and helped fill out the rest of the crew.  Tim had a preexisting relationship with the band, and had a concept already in mind, which made him a perfect fit for director on the piece.

I went into the shoot not really knowing what to expect from a spectator’s perspective, but I have to admit I was pretty impressed with not only how the shoot went but also the enthusiasm that the couple hundred students displayed despite hit-and-miss showers during the production.

The idea for the original music video “Rebelz” (click HERE to check it out on YouTube), came from some Ole Miss fan shirts that began to circulate following the Texas game that simply said “Feed Moncrief,” according to Patrick Haadsma, a junior Ole Miss student and one of the members of the King Kobraz.

Because individuals can not profit on the likeness, name (etc., yadda, yadda) of a collegiate athlete, the production of the shirts was put to a stop by the NCAA, but from that the idea for the song began to percolate with Haadsma and Blake Pruett, the other member of King Kobraz.

As stated in today’s article (King Kobraz’s Rebel anthem goes viral), Pruett and Haadsma ended up shooting the original video prior to the LSU game and released it three days later. Although the video made the rounds on the interwebs between the LSU game and the Egg Bowl, it really blew up during the game when Donte Moncrief (hence “Feed Moncrief”) exploded for three touchdowns and essentially sunk Johnthan Banks‘ chance at winning the Conerly Trophy (Banks was awarded the Thorpe Trophy on Thursday evening).

From there, the video exploded and as of this moment it has 81,664 views.

The idea of remaining compliant with the NCAA has been somewhat of a thorn in the guys’ sides. They originally posted the video on their site (, but only the first 200 downloads are free. After that, Haadsma said, they had to start charging for the downloads, which, of course, they couldn’t. The song ended up on another website so that fans can download it free of cost.

Pruett said the band wanted to post the song on, which is a site that features artists from the region, but, again, because they can’t promote the song, that didn’t work out. As a result, Pruett said Burkhead approached Ole Miss with the idea of shooting another music video of the song with the University’s help.

“We were going to do Oxford Sessions with Tim, which is a website he does with some artists from around town but we couldn’t promote it with Moncrief’s name so we worked out a deal with the University and they let Tim direct it,” Haadsma said. “It was awesome that they did that.”

The band has seen a spike in interest since the video’s release. In addition to playing several shows last week, King Kobraz even made an appearance at a wedding reception on The Square.

“We went to The Square that night and saw the bride and she was like ‘you’ve got to play at our wedding!” Pruett said.

Added Haadsma: “She didn’t think it was going to happen. She was joking with us about it.”

Wearing their trademark tuxedos, the duo was clearly already dressed for the occasion.

What’s next for the duo? They recently released a new mixtape on their website ( and have big things planned for the future.

“Last year we had a hit, ‘Tri Delta,’ and we thought that was our one hit wonder and then we had ‘Itz a Riot’ so we’re just going to try and keep making one hit wonders and then maybe we won’t be a one hit wonder,” Haadsma said.

So, in short: This was the long way of explaining how I ended up standing in the rain at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on a Thursday night.

Below are some behind-the-scenes looks at Thursday’s video shoot:

Click HERE to checkout Bruce Newman‘s 112-image photo gallery.

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