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Saturday, May 30, 2015

UM unites to reject racism

The University of Mississippi and local Democrat and Republican parties showed their support for diversity and against hate on Wednesday after Tuesday’s anti-Obama events that caused national attention. (November 8, 2012, Page 1, 2)

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    4 Responses to “UM unites to reject racism”

    1. Paul Hunter says:

      Here we go again. Liberal Media: How do you call a protest that is not violent and no property damage a riot/mob as the Oxford Eagle “says”. It’s Chic-fil-a all over again. If Romney had won and they burned his campaign signs and hollered cracker you would have never heard about it. I’m proud of these students, all they were doing were exercising their FIRST AMENDMENT right. Another four years of BS, yet you do nothing to the black panthers for chanting kill the white babies and threatening/harassing people trying to vote.

    2. Margaret E says:

      Why would you be proud of hooligans? I suppose for the same reason some black people would be proud of the New Black Panthers. Hatefulness is hatefulness, and nothing to be proud of.

    3. TD says:

      Every citizen in Lafayette County needs to be on alert…after those comments by Mr. Hunter. He still does not get it. There have been 43 presidents before Mr. Obama; have you heard of anyone rioting or protesting because of their color? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, this is the same Ole Miss of 1960s ,70s, 80s, 90s and now today. You can change the outside….but the inside is still the same. In 2008 on the Ole Miss campus after Mr.Obama won in a historic election, a young black student was celebrating in his dorm room and was harrassed by a few white students because he was celebrating and threaten with bodily harm. From Mr. James Meredith (1962) to President Obama (2012), 50 years of diversity….and have turned back the clock. Another black eye Mississippi didn’t need. Way to go Ole Miss!

    4. Barb Wadley says:

      Mr. Hunter what’s the difference in 4 years of BS and 8 years of the same? Plus don’t forget to mention Bush started a war, unemployment was down, jobs were fading, the country was in debt; ect. It is okay to have an opinion but it should also be an intelligent one. Mississippi is already behind the times; so why should people keep saying things to oppress it even more? I feel ashamed to call that my hometown. But overall; the president is elected by the majority and it did not give a breakdown of ethnicity of how many were white, black, or yellow. So get over it. President Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America whether you embrace it or not. Maybe the next term you can try your hand and inherit whatever mess he leaves. I wish you luck.

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