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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ticketing gets ‘Real’ on Square

Enforcement of the two-hour parking on the Square will begin again on Monday, this time with stricter penalties and enforcement. (November 22, 2012, Page 1A)

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    2 Responses to “Ticketing gets ‘Real’ on Square”

    1. Dinah Jordan says:

      Wow, I am surprised by the two-hour parking limit on the Square. While I understand parking space is limited–I have experienced trying to find a space myself many times–I am just surprised that the city would want to limit customer time on the Square. I frequent the Square and spend a significant amount of money shopping, dining, etc. I don’t recall EVER finishing within a 2 hour period. With the number of packages I normally have, remote parking would not be an option for me unless there is a shuttle going back and forth at frequent, scheduled times. What this new law means to me is that I will be forced to spend less money in Oxford–sad, sad, sad. Surely the city can find a better solution to the parking problem other than limiting customer time on the Square.

    2. I am wondering how this will affect people who are going to court as well as the handicapped??? There are many people who have to attend court meetings every Thursday evening and there isn’t enough parking as it is now….curious to see how well this works out. I guess good for the city as they will more than likely be raking in alot of money from the tickets they’ll be writing!!!

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