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Friday, May 29, 2015

How could a Christian have voted for Obama?

Religion columnist Randy Weeks writes about the reasons many Christians voted for President Barack Obama and why questioning someone’s faith based on a political choice is not only wrong, but an “audacious assertion.” (November 16, 2012, Page 5B)

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    3 Responses to “How could a Christian have voted for Obama?”

    1. Jean Anderson says:

      Great article. It is ironic to me how persons who identify themselves publicly as “Christians” do so presenting points of view which essentially never reference the very heart of Christianity, that is, (surprise, surprise) WHAT CHRIST TAUGHT! Love, tolerance for different nationalities and ethnic groups, serving the poor, the sick, the hungry, those in prison, those with no voice (e.g., children), even our enemies!! Giving up our possessions for the needy, wow, what heresy!(?) Praying in private, placing Christ in higher priority than even our families, and even being ready to die for the sake of others and for love. I wonder if some people need to think of a name other than Christian. It’s terribly confusing and certainly misleading.
      . Again, thanks for the article

    2. Randy Weeks says:

      Thanks, Jean, for your comments. I need to note that the subheading “Faith Not Tied To Vote” (or something like that) was not written by me, rather it was added in editing and unintentionally stated something that was the opposite of my beliefs. I want to go on record saying that I believe our voting MUST be tied to our faith, or our faith is not permeating all of our lives.

      Thanks again for your supportive and excellent words.


    3. Gerald Walton says:

      Your piece in the November 24 Jackson newspaper was excellent. Thank you for doing it.
      Gerald Walton

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