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Friday, May 29, 2015

Election results for Lafayette County

Only Lafayette County results are listed below. Winner in bold. Polls closed at 7 p.m. cst.

Brad Morris congratulated Congressman Alan Nunelee by phone just a few moments ago.

“I talked to Congressman Nunnelee earlier to congratulate him on his election victory,” Morris said in a release. “It has been an honor to be the Democratic nominee for Congress in North Mississippi.  Sharon and I focused this campaign on issues that we sincerely believe make a difference for the future of families in this region and state. We are deeply grateful for  the support we have received along the way.  Tomorrow, Sharon and I will turn our attention to other ways we can serve.”

18 Precincts Reporting: 

For United States President

Candidate                                # of votes            % of votes

Barack Obama (D)                                                  41.19

Mitt Romney (R)                                                    56.71 – Won Lafayette County

Virgil Goode (Const)                                               0.23

Gary Johnson (Lib)                                                 1.33

Jill Stein (Green)                                                        .26

Barbara Dale Washer (Reform)                            .04

For United States Senate

Candidate                           # of votes      % of votes

Albert N. Gore, Jr. (D)                                     33.98

Roger F. Wicker  (R)                                         59.11

Thomas Cramer (Const)                                  1.10

Shawn O’Hara (Reform)                                .68

For US House of Representatives, First Congressional District

Candidate                           # of votes      % of votes

Brad Morris (D)                                               41.09

Alan Nunnelee (R)                                     56.06

Danny Bedwell (Lib)                                      1.76

Jim R. Bourland (Const)                                0.46

Chris Potts (Reform)                                     0.55

For Supreme Court Justice District 3

Candidate                           # of votes      % of votes

Josiah Dennis Coleman                              55.41

Richard (Flip) Phillips                               44.25

For Election Commissioner District 5

Candidate                           # of votes      % of votes

Debbie Black (D)                                             64.39

Arline Foley Henderson (I)                          35.02

  (November 6, 2012)

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    2 Responses to “Election results for Lafayette County”

    1. Brenda West says:

      We thank you, Brad, for your hard work and your dedication to our state. We need young people like you and Sharon to stay involved in the future of north Mississippi. You fought a good fight.

    2. oxonian says:

      It’s sad to see big business buy another election against Flip Phillips. I guess all those TV ad’s did pay off.

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