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Friday, August 29, 2014

11.27 OPC Basketball Results

The following are scores from Oxford Park Commission youth basketball action Monday night:

Rockets 21, Magic 16
Scoring: Rockets—Joshua Neilson 9, Trip Maxwell 4, Jayden Reed 2, Seth Ross 2, Dixon Webb 2. Magic—Banton Gunn 8, David O’Dowd 4, Aidan Patel 4.
Offensive MVP: Rockets—Josh Neilson. Magic—Davis O’Dowd.
Defensive MVP: Rockets—Dixon Webb. Magic—Jack Swigle.
Game Hustle: Rockets—Audria Houston. Magic—Blanton Gunn.
Spurs 10, Bucks 8
Scoring: Spurs—Elijah Wadley 10, Tracy Harris 2. Bucks—Will Dabney 4, Stiles Rowland 4.
Offensive MVP: Spurs—Elijah Wadley. Bucks—Stiles Rowland.
Defensive MVP: Spurs—Tracy Harris. Bucks—Will Dabney.
Game Hustle: MVP: Hayden Campbell. Bucks—Cameron Lee.
11-12 LEAGUE
Grizzlies 35, Nuggets 18
Scoring: Grizzlies—Keon Smith 9, J.J. Pegues 6, Tyler Williams 6, Kurre Luber 4, Davis Burns 2, G.J. Turner 2. Nuggets—Dan O’Keefe 8, Landon Norris 4, Daniel Mathias 4, Roytavius Jackson 2.
Offensive MVP: Grizzlies—Keon Smith. Nuggets—Landon Norris.
Defensive MVP: Grizzlies—Jeremiah Pegues. Nuggets—Roytavius Jackson.
Game Hustle MVP: Mariah Holland. Nuggets—Daniel Mathias. (November 27, 2012, Page 7)

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