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Saturday, May 30, 2015

OPC football scores

The following are scores and statistics from Tuesday’s Oxford Park Commission youth flag football action played at FNC Park:

Eagles 33, Jaguars 25
Scoring, offense, defense, hustle: No information provided.
Giants 20, Cardinals 6
Scoring, offense, defense, hustle: No information provided.
Colts 27, Chiefs 7
Scoring: Colts—Cody Bost TD, Vaiden Ellis 2 TD, Noah Daniels TD. Chiefs—John Clarke Love TD.
Offense: Colts—Cody Bost. Chiefs—Jack Swingle.
Defense: Colts—Luke Wood. Chiefs—Leland Koestler.
Hustle: Colts—Luke Newsom. Chiefs—Aiden Jackson.
Lions 46, Buccaneers 34
Scoring: No information provided.
Offense: Lions—Miles Luber. Buccaneers—Payton Bjork.
Defense: Lions—Jacob Robertson. Buccaneers—Mills Daugherty.
Hustle: Lions—Mack Riddell. Buccaneers—Charlie Fruge.
Cardinals 39, Giants 12
Scoring, offense, defense, hustle: No information provided.
Buccaneers 18, Eagles 8
Scoring: Buccaneers—No information provided. Eagles: Chance Ross TD, Trip Maxwell 2-point.
Offense: Buccaneers—Ali Radwan. Eagles—Chance Ross.
Defense: Buccaneers—Daveon Pegues. Eagles—Cooper Mills.
Hustle: Buccaneers—Hayden Moore. Eagles—Hayden Campbell.
Colts 32, Broncos 14
Scoring: Colts—Jack Tannehill 5 TD. Broncos—Joel David TD, Ben Crosby TD.
Offense: Colts—Jack Tannehill. Broncos—Team.
Defense: Colts—Dixon Webb. Broncos—Team.
Hustle: Colts—Chandler Eakins. Broncos—Team.
Packers 35, Lions 20
Scoring: Packers—No information provided. Lions—John Brady Sharp, Ross Solomon, Jarquez Elliott.
Offense: Packsers—Cashe Shows. Lions—Carter Newman.
Defense: Packers—Christopher Brewer. Lions—Max Griffith, Hays Larson.
Hustle: Packers—Forrest Perry Rowe. Lions—Donovan Childers.
10-12 LEAGUE
Giants 26, Chiefs 6
Scoring: No information provided.
Offense: Giants—Clay Ivy. Chiefs—Joel Adamason.
Defense: Giants—Logan Thompson. Chiefs—Lock Elliott.
Hustle: Giants—Sherman Moore. Chiefs—Alex Longnecker.
Lions 44, Cardinals 20
Scoring: Lions—Luke Freeman 3 TD, Jarred Burk 2 TD, Peyton Moore TD. Cardinals—No information provided.
Offense: Lions—Jerod Burk. Cardinals—No information provided.
Defense: Lions—Matt Solomon. Cardinals—No information provided.
Hustle: Lions—Peyton Moore. Cardinals—No information provided. (October 3, 2012, Page 7)

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