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Friday, May 22, 2015

Lafayette County residents call for vicious dog laws

For several residents, they hope the county will take the lead in creating laws that protect them from vicious dogs. (October 16, 2012, Page 1, 12)

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    4 Responses to “Lafayette County residents call for vicious dog laws”

    1. Don Mutchler says:

      Let’s just hope that the definition of ‘vicious dog’ includes dogs that run out into the road to threaten bicyclists, runners, walkers, etc.

    2. ree says:

      Dogs have been allowed to run lose in the county endangering children and walkers,so I hope that some restraints and laws are being put in place to make people more responsible for their pets in the county (ies)

    3. Effie Burt says:

      It is time for Lafayette county to update the lease law. I have a neighbor who let’s his dog run loose in a planned neighborhood. I can’t walk with the dog running up to me or drive my car down the street without the dog running out in front of my car, causing me to stop in the street or hit the dog.
      Last week I tried to go around the dog and almost ran into an on coming car. I have asked the neighbors to put their dogs on a lease or put the dog in your fence yard but to this date nothing has happen.
      I want to know how can the lease law be changed in the county?

    4. Virginia Johnson says:

      I have been bitten and chased by a vicious dog in lafayette county, only to learn the police and animal control can do nothing to protect me or others from further attacks. Walking, biking, or jogging on a public road should not be a risk to any citizen and it is a shame the owners of dogs that cause bodily harm are protected. It is also a shame that the dogs are the ones who suffer if any of these situations are resolved by individuals or the court system, when the owners could restrain or train their pets better. Hopefully the government will decide that people’s safety in a public area is the most important thing worth protecting, before we have headlines of children losing limbs or lives!

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