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Friday, May 22, 2015

Bjork discusses Wiggins’ firing

VIDEO BLOG: Ole Miss Athletics Director Ross Bjork met with the media Monday to discuss the university’s decision to place women’s basketball head coach Adrian Wiggins on “administrative leave.”

Here’s a quick rundown of what Bjork said:

—While the press release said Wiggins was placed on “administrative leave,” Bjork clarified that Wiggins will not be returning as Ole Miss’ head coach.

—Wiggins was informed of the university’s decision Saturday morning. Wiggins’ contract was “terminated with cause” and although Bjork said there’s no buyout clause, Wiggins will be paid until March 31 on state salary, $250,000.

—Ole Miss has not settled on an interim head coach and there is no specific timetable. In the meantime, staff carryovers Brett Frank, Rebecca Kates-Taylor and Taja Edwards will run the team.

—The university is working in cooperation with the NCAA during the investigation. Bjork said there’s no telling how long the investigation may last.

—Asked what his message is to other head coaches, Bjork said “know everything about everything.”

Below is a quick video of the majority of Bjork’s opening statement:

HERE is a link to Saturday’s article with plenty of other links involving the women’s basketball program.

For more on Bjork’s press conference checkout Tuesday’s print edition of the Oxford EAGLE. (October 22, 2012)

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    3 Responses to “Bjork discusses Wiggins’ firing”

    1. Interested says:

      Mr. Bjork,

      How has this group of coaches escaped the illegal loan acquired for proposition 48 player Tierre Wilson in 2004 at Fresno State?

      We covered this issue in the lawsuits and were told wiggins/frank were under investigation? It’s in the sjk trial transcripts? It’s all public record? Thomas Boeh and Betsey Mosher testified in the sjk abd vivas trial there was an ongoing investigation.
      NCAA did not investigate. This is a $19,000.00 loan to a prop 48 kid from Lawton, Oklahoma?

    2. Interested says:

      Subpoena the transcripts from vivas and sjk.

      Also. Stacy Johnson-Klein was wrongfully fired in March of 2005. $ 19.1million dollar verdict

      She deserved to win after dealing win wiggins and frank who lied about her to get her job.

      Wiggins claims wins back in 2004????

      He did not become head coach in Fresno until March of 2005. He began lying to Mississippi fans in his BIO!!!

    3. Stacy Johnson-klein says:

      It’s obvious by the lack of comments, lack of press, lack of interest…..No one cares wiggins…
      It’s laughable….
      Thank you God for the wrongful termination in my case so I could retire… Adrian must live with himself everyday for the rest of his life knowing he did not get away with it a program where people really care about their women coaches and athletes.

      Thank you Warren, Dan, and Jason…..

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