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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nearly 70 arrested during first home game, holiday weekend

Local law enforcement were kept busy this weekend during Ole Miss’s first home game and the Labor Day holiday. While there were several arrests for DUI, officials say it’s drunk walkers they are going to be keeping a closer eye on. (September 4, 2012, Page 1)

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    4 Responses to “Nearly 70 arrested during first home game, holiday weekend”

    1. Alumnus '07 says:

      Really? So the OPD is going to punish those that don’t drink and drive? The recession must be hitting them hard to come up with this moneymaker; that or the upkeep for their horses is extremely expensive.

    2. OPR says:

      What a SPECTACULARLY ABSURD thing to do, OPD. Let’s ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE people from walking home who have had too much to drink. Instead of walking back to the condo, 2 miles away, I’ll be sure to hop in my 5,000 lb death machine after celebrating another win/loss after the State game this year, OPD. Good luck catching me BEFORE I plow into a crowded bar, business or street corner.

      Great Googly Moogly, we have some galactically stupid people running this Polic Department.

    3. Jafart says:

      Keep up the good work guys!!!! Way to encourage drinking and driving!!!!!

    4. Old and Treacherous says:

      Arresting students for making the right choice under the guise of “protecting them from themselves” is counterproductive. From the moment these students arrive in Oxford they are treated like inevitable law-breakers. They are already guilty, we just have to wait for the crime. This delusion, when declared as truth thru “preemptive” measures like these arrests, affects these students. One way or another, through fear or confusion, their reactions will ultimately satisfy this misconception. The student/police relationship in Oxford needs to be mended. Both parties must give respect to gain respect.

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