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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dog shelter owner arrested for dog rescue

Stephanie Mitchell of Drifter’s Place Animal Rescue was arrested after arguing with a dog owner that she had saved their dog from Highway 7 South. Now Mitchell is looking to get the law changed. (June 22, 2012, Page 1, 3A)

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    5 Responses to “Dog shelter owner arrested for dog rescue”

    1. Valerie says:

      This has got to be joke! This poor lady! We need a law for pet owners in general! There are no laws regarding dogs on a leash. There are no laws regarding dogs who are abused. Thre are no laws regarding dogs who bark all night (disturbing the peace.) I have been complaining since Dec. 2011 about a neighbor straight behind me that owns two pitdogs and recently 4-6 puppies. They bark ALL NIGHT LONG EVERY NIGHT DURING THE WEEK AND WEEK-ENDS! I have called the police out to my residence so many times that I lost count. The police informed me that they cannot do anything about this situation. I have contacted my local humane society (shelter) about the living conditions for these pits. They will not get involved. These dogs are tied up to a log and just recently provided much needed shelter (because of my constant nagging.) They are being abused! They constantly get out of their fence and have tried to attack me and my 2 year old chihuahua outside my home in the back yard. I do have the right to walk my dog in my back yard. Im respectful enough to put my dog on a leash. The police tell me that all I can do is “protect myself and family.” Protect myself meaning that I can shoot these pitpulls if they try to attack me again on my property. Is there something wrong here? Have I missed something? I have filed charges on this neighbor for disturbing the peace. They must have thrown my complaint away along with several others in my neighborhood. He has yet been arrested or served papers that I’m aware of. If he had, I don’t think I would still be running off 0 sleep! This is very aggravating and is starting to interfere with my job M-F 8-5! I’m exhausted with this and sure the police are as well. This is a waste of tax payers money!!! We need a law to protect dogs but also one to protect citizens! Stephanie Mitchell needs to contact me so we can try and find a solution to this horrible problem. Looks like she was arrested for helping out an animal she found on the side of the road? Did I read that right? This is beyond ridiculous! Houston, we have a problem!

    2. Scott says:

      Well, it is certainly comforting to know that there is redress and an opportunity for justice if someone steals your beloved pet. I wonder, however, since this was clearly not the case, is there redress for examining and holding accountable the corruption and abuse of power allowed by the Sherriff’s office to let a clearly emotionally compromised officer harrass citizens – especially those who would do them a service out of kindness? Is there a way for citizen’s to protect themselves from abuses of power from those who are in a role to protect and serve, or must we tiptoe around people like this and grovel and scrape every time we have a disagreement so as not to incur the wrath of somone who would misuse thier power – WITH the collusion of the Sherriff’s office, in a way that renders us unable to stand and defend our constitutional rights without persecution. This very situation peels back the veneer of professionalism and reveals the core of corruption that has been allowed to fester when abuses of power go unchecked. It is what makes Mississippi the laughing stock of the nation.

    3. Frieda McDonald says:

      Sheriff’s Deputy or not, the dog SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN running loose on Highway 7, or ANYWHERE ELSE for that matter. Seems to me that the DEPUTY is the one who deserves a citation, being in law enforcement, he should KNOW BETTER…in fact, this whole filing of charges scenario seems like an abuse of power for the position he holds. SOMEONE NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE THAT. This lady was just trying to help an animal in distress who surly would have had its life ended that day if she hadn’t stepped in. Shame on you Mr. Deputy, and shame on you Lafayette County Sheriff’s Dept.

    4. amy geiger says:

      This has got to be one of the most ridiculous situations I have ever read about. Clearly this sheriff’s deputy is abusing his power, as so many of them do. And why was the dog out on hwy 7 in the first place? She probably saved its life, and she obviously was not trying to steal it. She posted it on Facebook, left info at the nearby gas station, and went to several vets. There really should be stronger laws to protect dogs and to penalize owners who neglect or abuse them. Personally, I think anyone caught neglecting or abusing an animal should be stiffly fined and tied to a tree on the courthouse lawn with a sign around their neck stating what they did. And they should have to stay there all day, regardless of the weather. This is outragious!

    5. Jason says:

      This is absolutely shameful. Just because you work in law enforcement, doesn’t give you the right to have someone arrested for a petty disagreement. What’s next from Mr. Bundren? Arrest the person who took the last donut? Or lock up a kid walking down the street with a plastic toy gun? This abuse of power should be investigated. This family should be ashamed of having a good samaritan arrested.

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