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Thursday, May 28, 2015

05.01 OPC Baseball Scores

The following are scores and statistics from Tuesday’s youth baseball games played at FNC Park:

Mets 21, Brewers 1
Athletics 11, Phillies 10
Mariners 15, Giants 14
Royals 11, Padres 9
Mariners 18, Orioles 6
Hitting: Mariners—Keaton McIntosh double, Jacob Woods single, Tyler Gardner single, Stanton Spencer single. Orioles—Walter Davis two singles, Graham Davis two singles, Robbie McCurdy single, home run, Walt Burge two singles, Haeden Overby single.
11-12 LEAGUE
Pirates 13, Cubs 7
Hitting: Pirates—John Harvey two singles, Kobin Ross two singles, Frank Yerger two singles, Reed Cooper single, Patton Bullock single. Cubs—Jimmy Green double, Logan Russell single.
Diamondbacks 13, Blue Jays 7
Hitting: Diamondbacks—John Tate Roberts single, triple, Marshall Merchant double, Foster Westbrook two singles, Luke Phillips two singles, Parker Brown single. Blue Jays—Brallon Campos double, Hayden Hopper single.
13-14 LEAGUE
Astros 4, Braves 4
Hitting: Astros—John Haga Lewis single, Jake Hill double, Michael Vannice single. Braves—Chris Watson double, Chase Kessinger two singles, Drew Ursic two singles, Trae Boyd single, Syvonte Buford double. (May 2, 2012, Page 7)

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