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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Letters to the Editor

George Johnston writes to give another view of what might have happened in regard to the incident that killed biker Kevser Ermin. (April 2, 2012, Page 4)

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    1. "Bo" Roberson says:

      want to know what really happened? None of us, except those involved will ever know. I can,however,shed some light on factors that will make certain that the death of this beautiful, young, and intelligent lady will not be the last victim of the most hazzardous vehicle/driver enviroment in the entire world.

      I give you Oxford, Mississippi, where speeding and horn-honking monster trucks control the streets and roads. where one in five drivers you meet on the byways are either influence by intoxicants, prescription medication,or illegal drugs.

      How can this be? Well get out yourself and take a look, that is if you really don’t already know, but have your head stuck in the sand.

      The police enforcement of driving violations in Oxford at the very least selective, and during games or other festivities, none at all. Why is this? It is bwecause Oxford is a “Carnival Town.” You see the Mayor and civic leaders, especially the bar-owners, want to open the city for crazies simply because they spend alot of money.

      Until we stop this madness the innocent will continue to die.

      “BO” Roberson

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