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Saturday, May 30, 2015

04.23 OPC Baseball Scores

The following are scores and statistics from Monday’s Oxford Park Commission youth baseball action:
Phillies 18, Blue Jays 11
Astros 13, Twins 6
Brewers 9, Padres 7
Rays 22, Athletics 16
Cardinals 7, Dodgers 5
Hitting: Cardinals—Taylor Durham home run; Derrius Southern single. Dodgers—Taylor Tarver double; Brendan Toles single.
Diamondbacks 9, Reds 4
Hitting: Diamondbacks—Greg Rhodes home run. Reds—Will SMith home run, single; Creek Robertson single; Brooks Fuller home run; Braxton York  double.
Orioles 6, Royals  3
Hitting: Orioles— Graham Davis single, triple; Walter Dennis single; Luke Freeman single; Haeden Overby single. Royals—Levi Lott single.
Indians 11, Mariners 7
Hitting: Indians—Walter Johnson home run; Russell Betterton single; Ian Russom double; Sam Shelton single; D.B. Bennett single. Mariners—Keaton McIntosh two triples, Jeremi Woodall single; Don Morris single.
11-12 LEAGUE
Diamondbacks 9, Athletics 2
Hitting: Diamondbacks—John Roberts double, triple; Foster Westbrook two singles; Braxton McCord single; Marshall Merchant single.
Rays 14, Pirates 7
Hitting: Rays—Morgan double; Cage Lindsey triple; Dylan Yancy single; Ryan Lipscomb single. Pirates—John Harvey two doubles; Kobin Ross single, double; Grant Daniels; Robert Burns; Reed Cooper double; Daniel Cole Bumgardner single.
13-14 LEAGUE
Yankees 10, Braves 2
Hitting: Yankees—Cole Atkins home run; Chase McCullough two doubles; Jacquez Neilson single; Battle Crews single. Braves—Chase Kessinger single; Drew Ursic single; Syvonte Buford single; Cole Calhoon single. (April 24, 2012, Page 10)

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