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Saturday, February 28, 2015

02.07 OPC Hoops Scores

Scores from Monday’s Oxford Park Commission youth basketball leagues played at the Oxford Activity Center:

Suns 15, Mavericks 2
Scoring: Suns—Takyland Hilliard 6, Jacquez Elliott 9. Mavs—Omar Howell 2.
Offense: Suns—Kayla Mathis. Mavericks—Omar Howell.
Defense: Suns—Semaj Pettis. Mavericks—D.J. Burgess.
Game Hustle: Suns—Matt Sparks. Mavericks—Acy Patton.
Bulls 18, Grizzlies 5
Scoring: Bulls—Alex Mobley 3, Anthony Jones 9, Que’sean Certion 4, Vaiden Ellis 2. Grizzlies—Eli Solinger 1, Nya Wiley 2, Jack Fabris 2.
Offense: Bulls—Anthony Jones. Grizzlies—No information provided.
Defense: Bulls—Que’Sean Certion. Grizzlies—No information provided.
Game Hustle: Bulls—Keyshon Slack. Grizzlies—No information provided.
Bulls 26, Grizzlies 21
Scoring: Bulls—Kylin Dukes 9, Ira Morgan 5, Ja’kyus Woodall 5, Azarah Buford 7. Grizzlies—Dan O’Keefe 6, A.J. Blake 3, Kurre Luber 5, Eli Wicker 2, Edward Shaw 2.
Offense: Bulls—Kylin Dukes. Grizzlies—Dan O’Keefe.
Defense: Bulls—Azariah Buford. Grizzlies—Eli Wicker.
Game Hustle: Bulls—Ira Morgan. Grizzlies—A.J. Blake.
Heat 17, Thunder 7
Scoring: Heat—Kylan Blackmon 9, Dean Mott 2, Wilfawn Kortlen 2, John Meagher 4. Thunder—Jamez Leach 1, Chris Vaughn 4, Jack Tannehill 2.
Offense: Heat—Kaylan Blackmon. Thunder —No information provided.
Defense: Heat—Dean Mott. Thunder —No information provided.
Game Hustle: Heat—Torriq Cooper. Thunder —No information provided.
11-12 LEAGUE
Bulls 43, Hawks 34
Scoring: Bulls—Torey Gordon 20, Jaylon Jones 3, Logan Russell 11. Hawks—Ashton Stewart 15, Parker Brown 6, Tre’sion Ivy 1, Noah Nelson 2, Christina Owens 7, Kent Hickenbottom 3.
Offense: Bulls —No information provided. Hawks —No information provided.
Defense: Bulls —No information provided. Hawks —No information provided.
Game Hustle: Bulls —No information provided. Hawks —No information provided.
13-15 LEAGUE
Celtics 44, Lakers 34
Scoring: Celtics—Cole Atkins 5, Will Swindall 17, Stone Threlkeld 6, Luvorius Armstead 11, Ashton Miller 5. Lakers—Charles Gary Ivy 4, Ethan Lindsay 2, Beau Ryals 2, Kyle Rack 4.
Offense: Celtics—Will Swindall. Lakers —No information provided.
Defense: Celtics—Cole Atkins. Lakers —No information provided.
Game Hustle: Celtics—Stone Threlkeld. Lakers —No information provided. (February 7, 2012, Page 10)

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