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Monday, September 22, 2014

Jan. 9 OPC hoops scores

The following are scores from the Oxford Park Commission youth basketball games played Monday night at the Oxford Activitiy Center:

Bulls 16, Mavericks 10
Scoring: Bulls—Alex Mobley 4, Will Dabney 4, Que’Sean Certion 4, Anthony Jones 2, Ellis Vaiden 2. Mavs—Omar Howell 10.
Offense: Bulls—Que’Sean Certion. Mavs—Omar Howell.
Defense: Bulls—Vaiden Ellis. Mavs—D.J. Burgess.
Game Hustle: Bulls—Carolina Cassisa. Mavs—Emari Woodall.
Hawks 23, Thunder 4
Scoring: Hawks—Zekerion Owens 10, Tyler Kinds 4, Xhiir Burgess 4, Don Fruge 3, Ali Radwan 2. Thunder—Davis Pettis 2, Jamez Leach 2.
Offense: Hawks—Tyler Kinds. Thunder—Jamez Leach.
Defense: Hawks—Don Fruge. Thunder—Chris Vaughn
Game Hustle: Hawks—Xhiir Burgess. Thunder—Daris Pettis.
Bulls 18, Lakers 7
Scoring: Bulls—Austin Smith 4, Jai Jah Parker 4, Ira Morgan 2, Azariah Buford 2, Kylin Dukes 2. Lakers—LaMarcus Faulkner 5, Luke Freeman 2.
Offense: Bulls—No information reported. Lakers—Kylan Joiner.
Defense: Bulls—Kylin Dukes. Lakers—Downing Koestler.
Game Hustle: Bulls—Jai Jah Paker. Lakers—Jakyland Jones.
11-12 LEAGUE
Bulls 38, Jazz 29
Scoring: Bulls—Toerrey Gordon 27, Jaylon Jones 8, Logan Russell 3. Jazz—Tyler Weaver 8, Unieque Gipson 8, Demarius Frierson 5, Stinnett Parker 2.
Offense: Bulls—No information reported. Jazz—Tyler Weaver.
Defense: Bulls—No information reported. Jazz—Parker Stinnett.
Game Hustle: Bulls—No information reported. Jazz—Unique Gipson.
13-15 LEAGUE
Hawks 59, Lakers 32
Scoring: Hawks—Rashwan 24, Darmonte Goliday 17, Anthony Rogers 14, Sean Giddens 4. Lakers—Gary Ivy 21, Will Daniels 5, Cole Calhoon 3, Beau Ryals 3.
Offense: Hawks—Darmonte Goliday. Lakers—No information reported.
Defense: Hawks—Rashawn, Anthony Rogers. Lakers—No information reported.
Game Hustle: Hawks—Ashford. Lakers—No information reported. (January 10, 2012, Page 9)

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