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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

1.24 OPC Hoops Scores

Scores from Tuesday’s Oxford Park Commission youth basketball leagues played at the Oxford Activity Center:

Suns 21, Celtics 20
Scoring: Suns—Jacquez Elliott 16, Takyland Hilliard 3, Kayla Mathis 2. Celtics—Owen Collins 8, Sharp Grantham 8, Lucian Giles 2, Ben Crosby 2.
Offense: Suns—Takyland Hilliard. Celtics—Owen Collins.
Defense: Suns—Kayla Mathis. Celtics—Ben Crosby.
Game Hustle: Suns—William Lewis. Celtics—Lucian Giles.
Grizzlies 14, Mavericks 4
Scoring: Grizzlies—Jack Fabris 8, Eli Solinger 4, Quamarris Houston 2. Mavericks—Omar Howell 4.
Offense: Grizzlies—Jack Fabris. Mavericks—Omar Howell.
Defense: Grizzlies—No information provided. Mavericks—Emari Woodall.
Game Hustle: Grizzlies—No information provided. Mavericks—D.J. Burgess.
Hawks 12, Lakers 10
Scoring: Hawks—Miles Luber 4, Jake Kamman 6, Keegan Wilfawn 2. Lakers—Shawn Pettis 4, Kristen Booker 6.
Offense: Hawks—Jake Kamman. Lakers —No information provided.
Defense: Hawks—Skylar Soli. Lakers —No information provided.
Game Hustle: Hawks—Hassell Wilkinson. Lakers —No information provided.
Grizzlies 19, Lakers 14
Scoring: Grizzlies—Kurre Luber 13, Eli Wicker 4, Dan O’Leefe 2. Lakers—LaMarcus Faulkner 10, Preston Hooker 2, Max Mobley 2.
Offense: Grizzlies—Kurre Luber. Lakers—LaMarcus Faulkner.
Defense: Grizzlies—A.J. Blake. Lakers—Downing Koestler.
Game Hustle: Grizzlies—Edward Shaw. Lakers—KeMariaha White.
11-12 LEAGUE
Heat 43, Thunder 34
Scoring: Heat—NyZain Stamps 6, DeMarea Burt 24, Davis Carwyle 5, Hayden Magro 4, Sergio Rouco 2, Derius Perry 2, Nakia Brown 1. Thunder—Barry Flowers 13, Rynez Holland 9, Gregory Milliner 6, Mariah Holland 4, Quentin Wilfawn 2.
Offense: Heat—DeMarea Burt. Thunder—Barry Flowers.
Defense: Heat—Nyzain Stamps. Thunder —No information provided.
Game Hustle: Heat—Davis Carwyle. Thunder —No information provided. (January 26, 2012, Page 7)

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