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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rodriguez discusses Ole Miss

BLOG: During a coaching search any news or mention of the university is, well, news.

This morning former Michigan and West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez was a guest on the Tim Brando Show.

After discussing the Jerry Sandusky debacle at Penn State, Brando turned the conversation to Ole Miss’ upcoming vacancy at coach.

Here is what the current CBS TV analyst had to say about the gig:

BRANDO: Last week I had Houston Nutt on the show and he was very gracious as he always is and he’s really one of the classic good guys, you know that. He came on and I asked him about — not about his potential successor, I didn’t say, ‘who do you think would make a great coach?’ I just said, to be successful at Ole Miss, what kind of approach do you think they should go with? Alright? And I guess it was an open-ended enough question that he felt it was about philosophies. Ok? And really without provocation on his own as he was relating it, talking about the level of players, the resources, the geography, he said “something different.” And when he said “something different,” he mentioned Mike Leach‘s name. He said, ‘oh by the way, not that Mike needs my support, but somebody else that has a different approach to offense, new wrinkles. You have to have something a little unique at a place like (Ole Miss).’ Do you feel that the system you have in place is better suited to places that do need that alternative? Something different, maybe because they don’t have the traditional numbers and resources and the geography is such that they’re fighting an up-hill battle and maybe formation can be to their benefit?

RODRIGUEZ: Well, I think that’s a fair point. Of course I’m bias and every coach probably is with their system. You’d like to think your system could work in any situation and if you’re at a program that has a brand name, so to speak, and boy how great can it be given time for the system to be totally implemented and followed through. That being said, I do think there are places like, let’s face it, Ole Miss is — from everything I have heard and read about — a wonderful institution obviously in a great league. But, the Alabamas and LSUs and some of those schools are going to be able to get more of the so-called higher level recruits than (Ole Miss is), so by doing something a little bit out of the ordinary, something maybe they have a difficult time preparing for in a short week, gives you a little bit of an edge and I agree with that.

BRANDO: By the way, if you show up in places and airports that are near towns that have openings, you realize you’re making news. You understand that.

RODRIGUEZ: I have a good cover working with the network, I’m broadcasting games.

(Both Rodriguez & Brando laughing…)

BRANDO: Say, book a speech somewhere near where there’s a job opening so you have an excuse, Ok?

(More laughing…)

BRANDO: Last thing and I’ll let you go, and I think is was probably an issue with you and Mike to some extent because he’s out there and he doesn’t have a (coaching) job currently and you don’t either. Your names are out there more because people know that you’re not coaching teams currently. How many times do you get asked about the looming legal situation you find yourself in at your old school. Does it come up a lot?

RODRIGUEZ: No, because my situations are settled. The situation at West Virginia is settled, obviously the situation at Michigan is settled, so it doesn’t come up at all and everybody has kind of gone from there. I have really enjoyed this TV part. It has been great and I have kind of gotten a better perspective from you and some of our colleagues are going through every day, but I still have the hunger to coach so we’ll see what happens in the next three or four weeks.

*** *** ***

On a side note, did the “given time for the system to be totally implemented and followed through” remark not come off as a slight jab at Michigan?

I also found it interesting Brando, whose daughter, Tara, is a student at Ole Miss, didn’t bring up the Tulane vacancy.

Maybe it’s just me. Time will tell.

To listen to the audio of the interview for yourself, click HERE (courtesy of Yahoo!). (November 15, 2011)

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