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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Forward Rebels! unveils ad campaign

An Ole Miss fan coalition focused on restoring athletics to a championship level, changing a culture of low expectations and making sure school officials are held accountable when it comes to talk of improvements made another bold statement Monday.

Forward Rebels!, a group that was established over the summer, took out full-page advertisements in six daily papers across the state Monday, including the EAGLE, that focused on the Ole Miss administration and improving results both in athletics and academics.

Lee Habeeb, the vice president of content for Salem Communications who is acting as the spokesman for Forward Rebels!, said that more information about the movement would come over the next few weeks through more ads. The first goal was to get people talking about the issues and then encouraging them to join through their website and social media outlets. (September 20, 2011, Page 6)

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    5 Responses to “Forward Rebels! unveils ad campaign”

    1. Ole Miss Alumnus says:

      What is this organization “Forward Rebels” recently in the news? They describe themselves as a non-profit corporation and they ask for donations on their website. Who speaks for this organization? Who are the officers? Who are the staff? Who in their right mind contribute money to ANY organization where its member officers and staff are anonymous? Who are the administrators? Everything is anonymous.

      No one should donate money to any organization whose managements are anonymous! Who are they? Smells like a scam to me.

    2. Ole Miss Fan Since 1967 says:

      It sounds as if you don’t agree with the views of this organization. I have to say there are other Non-Profits I have given to that I didn’t feel the need to research all their officers. I will tell you this, if I had any misgivings about this or any other organization that I was considering donating to, I would email them and ask for a list of their officers. I am sure this organization would have been more than happy to do so if you had just asked.

    3. Ole Miss Alumnus says:

      I am not saying I am disagreeing with the message. But I do think the ads were distasteful. There are better ways to accomplish things.

      The organization have refused repeated requests to reveal who are the management of Forward Rebels. The original founders have stated they have left this group. And I bet if you look at other non-profit organizations website, you would find the officers listed there. Forward Rebels listed no one. Lee Habeeb is said to have taken over this group.

      Lee Habeeb is an Arab-American born in New Jersey and Graduated Law School at the University of Virginia. He lived in Oxford for the past 3 years. He, in his own words, admitted that he is not an Ole Miss fan. He has NO connection with Ole Miss other than his wife had attended there. He is a syndicated radio talk show host in the style of Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern put together. Is this the man YOU want to lead this Foundation? I question his motive.

    4. Old Miss Dad says:

      Thanks for the Wikipedia reference on Lee Habeeb. Lee appears to be a conservative talk radio producer for Laura Ingraham. Laura is a very intelligent conservative commentator, former US Supreme Court law clerk and accomplished author. She is by no means a crass “shock jock” like Howard Stern. You might want to take some time and listen before you judge. Likewise, Rush Linbaugh is also a thoughtful, intelligent conservative commentator, not a crass shock jock like Howard Stern. The only thing Rush, Laura and Lee have in common with Howard Stern is radio — kind of like lumping Mother Teresa in with Lady Gaga because they both wear dresses. I’d be interested to hear Lee’s take on the Ole Miss mascot and football team.

    5. Ole Miss Alumnus says:

      I was not talking about Laura Ingraham nor did I refer to her outside of the Wikipedia link. I am taking issue with Lee Habeeb’s crass action he had taken with the ads. And nowhere in my post did I say I take any issue with Laura Ingraham. She has my respect. My issue with Lee Habeeb and the division he has sown. He is not “family”.

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