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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Letters to the Editor

Joanne and Mark Wilkinson write to thank Alyssa Schnugg and others at The Oxford EAGLE for the excellent coverage of the ongoing hospital site issue, while Edwin C. LeGrand III writes to remind people that March is Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Month. (March 10, 2011, Page 4)

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    1. Fred Steiner says:

      Writing to provide comments on the ongoing vapidness by our city & county “lawmakers” over the hospital situation.

      Bullet points:

      — which of our “lawmakers” has a PhD in Hospital Administration?
      — if a new fire truck is needed for an 8 story hospital, take some of the $30 million & purchase 1 or 2
      — who are those “concerned citizens” who do not want the hospital to be anywhere but on land that they own. Have they been outed & identified?
      — after our lawmakers get the $30 million & purchase 1 or 2 fire trucks, how about returning the remaining monies to the taxpayers?
      — everywhere in Oxford has traffic during football weekends
      — what makes Mayor Patterson a hero by calling Baptist “cowardly.” Pull up your pants, stop the good ‘ol boy stuff, & make a decision. That’s what you get paid to do. Won’t call you, Sir, what you called Baptist.
      — let Baptist corcern themselves where & how to build a hospital. One need only to look @ Baptist DeSoto. The construction of the new hospital, no matter where sited, will provide jobs for our citizenry for the next few years.
      — lastly, if it were my money & I were being run around by some know-nothings about hospitals, I would build it in Batesville or Columbus. Maybe then our “lawmakers” would not need to worry about football weekend traffic & they could drive those additional miles for top notch medical care that they caused to leave our city.

      Fred Steiner

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