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Friday, May 29, 2015

Salvation Army finds a new home

The Oxford Salvation Army has a brand spankin’ new home thanks to a local builder who wanted to design a building that would fill the needs for the organizations that works so hard to fill the needs of others.

On Tuesday, director Lisa Coleman cut the red ribbon at the grand opening of the new building that was constructed in three months time. The new Salvation Army is located at 2647 West Oxford Loop. (February 10, 2011, Page 1)

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    2 Responses to “Salvation Army finds a new home”

    1. James Schneider says:

      Not too sure about what you mean by:
      “Works so hard to fill the needs of others”
      We had a very good friend that went through an extremely
      violent marriage (due mostly to family relatives) then
      began drinking (over a very long period of time)
      We got him to sober up (after almost 4 1/2 years) gave him some money, and sent him back to his family at Mississippi.
      He was NOT drinking at the time, but his own family rejected him, so (on 23-December) he was out of love, out of money, and out of luck, and rang the bell at an (now-evil) “Salvation” Army facility.
      They too rejected him (he called us and said “I don’t know why, I was courteous and sober and I need help”
      Due to that rejection, and after hitch-hiking(in freezing weather) to Alabama, he jumped into a river, his body was recovered three days later.
      You think we will give any money to this now “passe” money-making enterprise, no way!! DEATH!!

    2. susan Broughton says:

      My son who is 25 is currently in lockdown at Jefferson County Jail. He asked if I would get information on sober living when he gets out. He has no where to live. Can you send me info as to how Danny would be able to get into your program? Thank you, Susan Broughton

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