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Friday, May 29, 2015

Meeting the people he serves

With only four weeks in office, U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee has spent the last several days  traveling around north Mississippi. On Wednesday, he stopped in Oxford where he met with Mayor Pat Patterson and the Board of Aldermen, the Lafayette County Supervisors and other county employees and stopped off and had lunch with the Oxford Kiwanis Club. Later, he visited with the staff at the Oxford EAGLE and answered questions about industry, health care, jobs, education and Social Security and talked about his first month in office. (February 3, 2011, Page 1)

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    1. Earl Adams says:

      Email Me – Thank You
      The following information has been submitted:
      Name: Rev. Earl Adaams
      Address:784 Rebecca dr,
      Byhalia, MS 38611
      Telephone: 662 564 1211 Voice
      Issue: SENIORS
      Message Subject:
      Message Text:
      I live in the poorest stae in the u.s. and yet ther is less employment and help for folkjs in need here than any where i know. I have 40 yrars in the building Trades and yet can,t get a job because they are afraid of my age (70) and my health. I work out at the Gymn daily and in good health. I have a college education but no ged or high scholl diploma which keeps me from getting schooling that would help me get work. I am not alone in this area.If you men and women in cvongress would get off your ass and see the need in your own state and really show you care you might get some help for us. all that taslk sbout helping the middle class yet none for the lower class, I think you have got god in a bottle and your hand on the stopper so he can,t touch your heart and get you to move for your voters. No wonder ther is so much drugs and other things going on a person has to live, Go to what a laugh. get meals and a roof over your head just a vacation compared to living in hell on eareth. we pay you and you work for us get bussy now u bless you wnat

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