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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BLOG: Recruiting grab bag of quotes

Today’s Oxford EAGLE had several articles regarding Ole Miss’ big recruiting weekend, but we couldn’t fit everything in the print edition.

Below are the “outtakes” that didn’t make it into the section due to space:


Q:Taking any more visits?
A: I was supposed to take one (visit) but the coach hasn’t called me back. Until he calls me back I don’t know. (MTSU)

Q:How was your visit?
A:It was all pretty nice. My host was Joel Kight. He’s a great person. I love everything about him. He reminds me a lot about myself because of his height, his size and everything.

Q:Meet any others?
A:There’s 27 recruits out here.

Q:Bond with any?
A:I have a good relationship with all of them.

Q:Talk to Marcus Mayers? C.J. Johnson?
A:I haven’t talked to C.J. yet, but Marcus and I are real close. I talked to him a lot.

Q:Anything you wanted to accomplish coming up to Oxford for your visit?
A:I just wanted to come up here and have a good time at my future home.

Q:Close with the other guys? Is that important?
A: Oh yeah. Since I’m from Florida and everyone else is from Mississippi and up there, at first I didn’t really know none of them, but now everybody know each other and we laugh and hang out together and have a lot of fun.

Q:Do any recruiting?
A: I got one person to commit, the junior college player… (Uriah) Grant.

Q:You think he’s going to end up being a Rebel?
A: …He had a great time and liked everything about it.

Q:Did he commit?
A: Yeah, he committed to the coaches today.

Q:Talk to Tre Mason?
A: I just met him. We just got cool.

Q:Important to have Fla. guys here?
A: It is, but it wouldn’t matter if I was the only Florida player because I want to come up here and meet new people and meet new players that I’ll be playing with next year.

— — — ATH CODY PREWITT — — —

Q: How’d the visit go?
A: It was really fun. I really enjoyed it. I’m ready to get up there.

Q: Close class? Buddy buddy?
A: We’re all really cool and really excited about what we think we should be able to do.

Q: Recruiting kids this weekend?
A: I don’t think we did really any recruiting. We were all just hanging out and we all got really close I guess — best friends — this weekend and I think that will kind of help some people make their decisions.

Q: Why is class so close?
A: We all just have really good chemistry together, hanging out and everything. I think that chemistry is going to carry over onto the field and it’s just going to be a good time.

Q: Ole Miss selling Early playing time, too?
A: I guess it would be like any other school. We’re going to come up here and they’re going to put the best on the field and we’re going to compete this summer and try to be the best so that we can play. If we can show the coaches that we’re the best that should be out there then they’re going to put us out there.

Q: What position are you most comfortable playing?
A: I’m really comfortable at running back. I’m really comfortable at quarterback, I like quarterback, and safety.
I’m really comfortable at safety and I think safety is going to carry me a long way in football.

— — —OL  JUSTIN BELL — — —

Q: Get to know many other recruits?
A: I really got to know C.J. Johnson. I’ve met him before but that was the first time I got a chance to hang out with him.

Q: How was (C.J.)?
A: He seems great. We get along fine.

Q: Do any recruiting?
A: Something like that. I feel like some of them are swinging. I don’t want to say any names, but I feel like we did get some guys to swing our way.

Q: Prideful thing for you that OM is getting in-state guys?
A: Yessir. It’s just a blessing to be in the position that I’m in and I’m grateful for that. If we’re a top 12 (recruiting class) in the nation, that’s just a plus. Ole Miss is the place for me.

Q: Any more visits?
A: I have a visit to Memphis next weekend. I’m just going to check it out.

— — — TE JAMAL MOSLEY — — —

Q: What is Ole Miss pitching, considering the 4-8 season it just endured?
A: We all kind of know the deal already because most of us are Mississippi guys anyway. I’m from Memphis, so you might as well say Mississippi. Most of us are in-state guys and already know what’s been going on, so as soon as we got here that’s all we’ve been talking about. Now we just need to come in and take care of business. (January 24, 2011)

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