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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oxford gets 1,000 jobs

The community hit an economic bull’s-eye Wednesday afternoon when Olin Corp. announced it was moving 1,000 ammunition manufacturing jobs from East Alton, Ill., to Oxford and planning to build a new 500,000-square-foot facility here. The company plans to make a $100 million investment in the community as a result of this move. (November 4, 2010, Page 1)

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    7 Responses to “Oxford gets 1,000 jobs”

    1. Jason Farley says:

      Due to the tough economic times, I must ask that all people in the surrounding area to take a Seven year wage freeze. You will also be asked to take a reduction in A&S leave to $315.00 a week, eliminate CEOP company match, vacation bonuses, one week of vacation, reduction in shift premiums, one Christmas holiday. You must also use 10 vacation days concurrent with approved FMLA (really had no problem with that one), Life and AD&D benefits will also be reduced to $15,000.00. Your insurance will change as well. The HMO will no longer be available. You must enroll in a PPO with extremely high deductibles. You must agree to these terms knowing that in SEVEN years, a new state of the art facility will be built, leaving you unemployed. State Representatives, Senators and all other government officials must also take these cuts. The lifestyle you have grown accustomed to, will no longer be affordable. Sell everything you have, because you can no longer afford it. Do you people understand now? Olin will move on their dime or our backs. Regardless, Olin is gone. They will leave just enough jobs here to keep the IEPA off of their backs. Who needs a costly clean up of a ghost town and environmental wasteland! Shame on you, people, shame on you. Leave it to the “South” to work for slave wages and no benefits.
      Good luck with your new venture.

      Jason Farley

    2. Nick Williams says:

      Its called Capitalism Mr. Farley. If you don’t like it, move to France or China.

    3. Don says:

      dont forget the part of the 7 yr contract where the company reserves the right to move at anytime during the 7yrs, all they have to do is give a notice and this contract will be terminated..

    4. Don says:

      how many people were hired and fired or quit the rimfire operaton since it has been there.. good luck olin you will need it there..

      and how much do they pay there? what kinda benifits do you get there? Olin had this move planed for yrs.. Now everyone has a fingure to point.. just the way Olin wanted it..

      and BTW we won the war, now get over it..

    5. Don says:

      and you all will be working 40-60 puss hours a week, and i will be making about the same as you on un-employment..
      can someone there tell me how to get wel-fare?

    6. Jason says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Don. Please spellcheck the next time you wish to stand up for me. You make us look like a bunch of dummies. Forgive me if I offend you. My point was that no one would agree to these concessions. Olin’s offer was set to fail. If not for the spike in sales, Olin would have already moved.
      Nick, this is not Capitalism. It is pure and simple greed, with no regard to the community that supported Olin for over 100 years.

    7. Joel says:

      Congrats’ to the fine people of Mississippi. They want to work and not sit on their behinds.

      How many more companies/families will union leaders destroy?

      Industry today, time and time again, have told workers they can not afford unions and the unreasonable costs associated with union leaders. At some point the common worker needs to realize they can not continue to support union leaders.

      Olin went out of their way to try and change the union, but they just wouldn’t bend.

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