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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1,000 jobs coming to Oxford

Olin Corp. announced today that its Winchester Centerfire Operations and approximately 1,000 jobs will be relocated to Oxford. The company’s decision follows two failed ratification votes by members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, in which employees twice rejected a union proposal that would have allowed Centerfire Operations to remain in East Alton. Read more about the jobs in Thursday’s edition of The EAGLE (November 3, 2010)

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    17 Responses to “1,000 jobs coming to Oxford”

    1. Joe says:

      This is fantastic news for Oxford/Lafayette county – sounds like the Union representing the Olin workers in East Alton should have made a couple of concessions…nonetheless, Olin is an excellent employer here in Oxford and I’m glad to hear they’re expanding operations!

    2. Jen says:

      My husband works for Olin. The company is moving to Mississippi because Olin can get cheap labor there. They will pay your people $10/hr. instead of the $25/hr the employees here were making. The union voted no on the proposed contract because it was a bad deal for the employees and their families. They were asked to take wage freezes and healthcare reductions, among other things. So when you write your article tomorrow on what a great thing this is for the workforce in Mississippi, could you just mention that the new employees will be asked to do the same jobs as those employees in IL only with far less pay and less benefits.

    3. Joe says:

      Jen, if Olin can get cheaper labor here in order to remain competitive, then so be it…with a few concessions, Olin would have remained in East Alton for another 7 years but this issue was voted upon TWICE by your union employees and deemed unacceptable.

      your loss = our gain.

    4. JP says:

      This whole thing is sad, sad, sad.

      Olin would not have remained in EA for seven years either way. There are ways around it, and they would have found a way to move regardless. They have been looking there to relocate there for years. Those workers knew that, and why should they give up what they have earned for 10,15,20,25 years just to not be GUARANTEED their jobs anyway?

    5. Jen says:

      If you are willing to do the same work for less pay and benefits I guess you can and should say it is your gain. It will be sorta like working on a chain gang though…they could pay you the wages you deserve, but instead they will just give you enough money to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner and say you have been taken care of and then ask you to say “thank you sir”.

    6. Joe says:

      yeah…just LIKE working on a chain gang.
      you must have seen Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? or something equally illuminating about Mississippi

    7. DCBryan1 says:

      As an owner and operator of a business of 300 in Layfayette Co., MS. I WILL NOT hire former or current union members. I encourage all southern at will work states to NOT hire union leeches fleeing the rust belt.

      They bring their beer hall ideology, kool-aide liberalism, and bad work ethic with them.

      Oh, and Olin, employees in MS will get 10 percent discount from my business. Olin employees moving from E. Alton will get a +25% charge on my products.

    8. Debbie says:

      Jen is right Joe. I work at East Alton and like she said, you are underpaid. Your turn will come soon enough. Greedy corporate people of Olin will say that we need you to take a $3 hour cut i n pay because somewhere down the road business will not be as good as it is now. If you don’t then the next step is Mexico. So for those people who are working and will be working for the great Olin, just give them time. We will be reading where all of you are either working for gas money or your jobs will be headed way south….to Mexico.

    9. Lisa says:

      Well at least 1000 people will be working in Oxford, unlike your out of work husband. A paycheck and benefits is most certainly the community’s gain, unlike your husband application for un-employment, best of luck to you and your new diet plan. Thank you ma’am!!!

    10. okydokyartichoky says:

      I agree with Joe. I have family that works at Olin who voted for the contract. It’s a shame that people who are willing to collect unemployment over working a real job with decent pay were able to out vote those who are willing to work for their money. Benefit cuts or not, it’s a lot better getting a pay check than not. And a wage freeze? Big deal. I was unaware that other companies were getting huge raises in this economy.
      Good luck to those in Mississippi. I hope you make better decisions if and when the time comes than the employees in Alton did.

    11. Don says:

      Good luck with olin, they are ungratefull.. and greedy.. hopefully wichester goes belly ups

    12. Don says:

      and they dont make 25 per hour either …

    13. pop says:

      I really wish Olin would have done it as an in or out option!
      Vote yes and you stayed with a job, Vote no and out the door you went.
      Now the ones that voted to take the contract get to suffer with the stupid ones that voted no job is better than less wages and benefits….duh
      I really hope they open the door for us to follow our job to Mississippi, We will be moving from East Alton with our job and Olin!

    14. Don says:

      wait till they work you 13 days in a row with 1 day off, then another 13, and they will do it to you for yrs.Say good bye to your family cuz you wont be able to see them, your divorce rate will go up..GOOOD LUCK

      oh btw what do they pay you people in oxford? what kinda benifits do you get from olin there?
      You People aint seen nothing yet… just wait

      Olin is Greedy, lets see how much J Rupp gets from this deal..

    15. Don says:

      also what the paper does not tell you, under the propossed contract Olin has the right to move anytime they want and the contract will be terminated.. it wil take them 3-5 yr to move now..and if this contract was accepted, The hard working employees at olin would still be out of jobs within 7 yrs.. no one mentions that.. all this is nothing more them corp. GREED.. the company isnt loosing profits, but the CEOs want more in thier pockets…
      Now Olin and east alton have someone to point the finger at..

      GOOD LUCK, hopefully you go broke

    16. D says:

      Did all of you people know (East Alton too) that olin pays somewhere around 800,000.00 a month for workmans comp in Illinois? A MONTH! What does that say about the help there?

    17. 2ndClassCitizen says:

      Wow! 10 bucks an hour with no benefits. That’s just a few bucks more than minimum wage in most states. I wouldn’t be boasting about how lucky you are to get these jobs from East Alton. Anyone taking these jobs is a fool, but I guess you all don’t know any better.

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