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Friday, May 22, 2015

UM unveils final three mascots

Polling opened today at 8 a.m. for the University of Mississippi community to choose a new mascot. The polling process runs until Tuesday, with three choices: a land shark, bear and Hotty Toddy. For information on how to vote, visit

The final three are:

 (October 5, 2010, Page 1)

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    84 Responses to “UM unveils final three mascots”

    1. Ruby says:

      Are you serious?

      This is depressing, really.

    2. Fireman17 says:

      I don’t know who came up with them things but lets see.. One looks like a retard shark , Hotty Toddy looks like a alien from MIB and the Bear looks like smokey the bear!!

      I stay lets keep Colonel Reb if some people don’t like don’t look at it!!! Colonel Reb FOREVER!!!

    3. kian tharp says:

      This is so freaking lame!!!! You have got to be kidding me????? The men look like a Queer Richard Simmons on steroids!!!!! The Black Bear….come on!!!!

    4. beth says:

      Really! haha those are too funny!! If I had to pick I would pick the bear I guess but the bear wouldnt last long either! Its a “Black” bear some people would have a problem with that

    5. Mike Zeigler says:

      It flat sucks !!!!

    6. sharion says:

      the hotty toddy man is a joke what the heck, what’s next change the name from rebel or nor longer can use the term Ole Miss where does it stop and land shark,what is that,and the Rebel BLACK Bear

    7. Mike Zeigler says:

      It may happen but it is not going to work !!!

    8. Tom says:

      This is really just sad. Why do we have to have a mascot? This could only happen at Ole Miss.

    9. LeLe says:

      Agree with both comments.
      The economy, the elections … and this. It IS a depressing year.

    10. Erin says:

      I have been an Ole Miss fan for over 20 years and I am currently employee at the University of Mississippi. I cannot even think about supporting any of the above mascots. I, along with many other students, faculty, staff, and alumni, of a University as wonderful as Ole Miss will back me with saying, why do we have to have an “on the field” mascot. The first Ole Miss game I attended was in 1989. I was four years old, yet I remember it vividly. It was the infamous game against Vandy in which Chucky Mullins was injured. I have since stood proud to cheer on the fellow football athletes who were able to wear 38 over the years (until the number was retired). Wearing the number 38 stood to honor Chucky’s legacy and bravery, to honor the athlete who was privileged to wear it and to showed courage for all athletes on and off the field. I said that, to say this, we stand proud each game to cheer for our athletes, our coaches and our team, who put their health and well-being in jeopardy, everyday they step on the field. How do these proposed mascots stand for that? Why do we need an “on the field” mascot? Why can’t the team be enough? Think about it.

    11. Sam says:

      So, so sad.

      The bear is the only one that is not a total embarrasement.

    12. Karen C. says:

      Seriously? Ole Miss will continue to be the laughing stock of NCAA mascots with any one of these choices!! This is really the best you could come up with? I guess Hotty Toddy is supposed to look similar to the blue face guys in Vegas…. The is ridiculous!!

    13. Tina says:

      Are you serious? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!!! I would rather there be no mascot!

    14. Melanie says:

      I am a long time, Mississippi State, maroon-bleeding, Bulldawg fan and I cannot imagine “fighting” with anyone except my Ole Miss Col REB buddies!! I mean it would be like us without our cowbells – it’s just not right.

      Long live Col Reb!!

    15. Chasity Nobles says:

      This is truly sad.
      Doesn’t the land shark only apply to
      ole miss football??
      Hotty Toddy man… didn’t we have
      a man dressing like this and showing
      up to the games before and most did
      not like that?
      Rebel Bear is my favorite out of all the choices
      but… seriously the whole Teddy Bear/Roosevelt thing
      (what was in the description when we voted)
      happened in the Delta….

    16. JHM says:

      I am sorry but yall have gone too far. While it is a big undertaking for the students to come up with these choices , they are all awful.
      How can you make a cheer into a mascot? Using a person is no different than Col. Reb. At least he wasn’t covered in a gray bodysuit, that is ridiculous.
      A black bear?? You know good and well that the name will change to Ole Miss Bears even if you say it wont, it will. The Rebel will lose its meaning.
      A land shark? whatever, that is trendy and won’t last.
      If you think the alumni will embrace any of these you are mistaken. You are hurting your school even more.

    17. Vicki Janes says:

      this is so crazy u people should be ashamed 2 even carry this story…reason bein just look at the 3 mascot ideas a shark that should be hung on some1′s wall and the bear should be stuffed & set up in some1′s home or office..they have NOTHING 2 do with ole miss…Col Reb is the mascot & always will be no matter what they pick…plus the shark & bear will probally scare the kids u think kids goin 2 want a picture taken with something like that…..should SERIOUSLY think of that…

    18. Brianna says:

      This is ridiculous. All of these choices suck. I just want Col. Reb back.

    19. Dallas H. says:

      You gotta be kidding me. This is unacceptable.

    20. Michelle says:

      R yall serious??? This is a joke!!!! I know they could do better that this! And i agree with the part about the “Black” Bear!!! I think Ole Miss Needs to do something besides these!!!

    21. David says:

      This blows… I don’t know what nut designed these but they are awful and will not bring in the crowds. I for one have been a fan for years but am seriously considering stepping back. I will not be affiliated with sharks, bears, or weird androdynous humanoids. SO LET DOWN by Ole Miss administration.

      -Ex Fan

    22. Mike Zeigler says:

      Thank you for you support for real TRADITION !!!!!!! You can never kill Col. Reb if you even wanted to….somebody is smoking to much crack up there….the first person to think they could do this was not a fan of Ole Miss !!! All Alumni please speak up !!!!

    23. BBY says:

      I cannot believe the lion lost out to these …
      Rebel-lion sure fits Ole Miss better than a Land Shark. And hotty toddy is so rediculous it isn’t worth mentioning (the rebel hotty toddies … come on). These “renditions” are stupid. The bear would be my choice, but it wasn’t supposed to look like a teddy …whatever happened to them representing the “dignity” of our school, and “fight” of our team

    24. gmony says:

      Retard shark FTW.

    25. Don says:

      Makes me even more proud to be a MSU Bulldog fan.

    26. Barry says:

      I don’t mind changing the mascot so much, but these things are STUPID! They should have just adopted a house/Bronco or gone with nothing at all over these STUPID ideas. I guess the bear is the less lame of the three they are giving me. Still, the concepts SUCK!

    27. Kenn Beeman, BA '77 says:

      Is this Ole Miss mascot change thing another “progressive” brainchild of the Obama administration agenda? It certainly has the look, sound, feel, scent, and taste of a bail-out, a corporate-takeover, or a “Cash-for-Clunkers” initiative.
      It has been handled/managed/ram-rodded in about the same way as the stimulus plan and health care reform were in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Like the “stimulus” and “the Affordable Care Act”, the mascot change (in its various irrelevant configurations) is wildly UNPOPULAR. The general public, including the broad constituencies of Ole Miss, have told “administration” they don’t want this. It appears to be our destiny that we’re going to get it anyway. The top-down message seems to be “Smile; grin and “bear” it. Father Knows Best.”
      One can predict that the mascot change will ultimately be about as effective and successful as the “stimulus”, and, like ObamaCare, will be fraught with untoward, “unintended consequences”.

    28. one disappointed local says:

      I thought that being a “REBEL” meant that you go against the grain. What’s so wrong with the OLE MISS REBELS anyways??!! And if you think the “BLACK” bears are gonna go over with all the crap about the coloniel then I have some swamp land for sell!!!!

    29. Cornbread says:

      Ummmm yeah…this sucks. I can’t speak for all African Americans but no matter what you do u can’t change history. The past is the past and many of us see the changes Ole Miss has made and I’m guessing the problem was that Col. Reb looked like an old plantation owner…well so does the Col. @ OFF! so wat…all they had to do was get rid the black necktie…call him Major Reb if u wanted to. If the fact that he’s white bothers u then u r jus as racist as Ole Miss used to be. It’s 2010…if a mascot is all we have to fight about then Dr. Kings dream is reality because this is petty. I’ve lived here all my life n that mascot has never bothered me…but too each his own!

    30. Cornbread says:

      I meant the Col. @ KFC

    31. Kris says:

      I’ve been a Rebel as long as I can remember. A Rebel. Not a Landshark. Not a Bear. Not a whatever that other thing is. A REBEL. I’d rather not have any mascot than be ridiculed for having one of those three things representing the school that I love. The Colonel will always be my mascot and regardless of how un-PC anybody thinks he may be, he will always be the symbol of Ole Miss.

    32. Barry says:

      Why force a mascot. Just let one develop over time. These things SUCK. I liked wild horse idea before. Having a horse run into the stadium would have been better then these STUPID things. Thank GAWD I have a degree from another school as fall back. I’m done with ole miss and all this mascot/flag/dixie crap.

    33. Mr. Powers says:

      I hope that the selection committee was smart enough to put a choice of none of the above on the ballot tomorrow. I believe that this whole mascot debacle is counter-productive. There is a large group of people who disapprove of this idea. In trying to change the mascot, these people will slowly start to move away from the University. Also, incoming and prospective students will view Ole Miss in a negative light and will not want to come here. On the other hand, there are people who really want an on-field mascot. It is unfortunate that we haven’t had an on-field mascot for seven years because of various political reasons but I personally would rather have no mascot at all than have any of the above choices. The landshark does look cool but I agree with the person who said that this is just a fad and will soon fade in a couple of years. The hotty toddy puppet looking person is a joke. It’s embarrassing to even have this as a choice. I respect the black bear and its ties with Mississippi but it just doesn’t seem to fit Ole Miss. I feel like the mascot would be more of a distraction than anything else. Each team should be it’s own mascot. I don’t think any team has ever had a huge problem with getting the crowd involved. By the way, has anyone even asked any of the sports teams what they want for the mascot? Maybe we should start there first, considering that they are the ones who are representing Ole Miss.

    34. Sue says:

      Can we please be positive. I agree the Land Shark applies only to our defense and the Hotty Toddy man is rather strange, but there is nothing wrong with the bear. The black bear is indigenous to the state of Mississippi so it would be appropriate. Children would love the bear. While it was not my first choice, I support the bear and think we should be positive about our new mascot. Many times change is a good thing.

    35. Steven says:

      It is hard to imagine how so much “feedback” and effort resulted in these three pretty awful choices. How is the landshark not just a very recent fad/trend? And the Hotty Toddy guy is almost but not quite as bad as Rebel Bruiser a few years back. I would have definitely gone with the stallion. Would have made for great graphics, good image for the university, and don’t really need a costumed character of anything.

    36. Col. Reb says:

      I will be back guys… Do not worry! What we have here are a bunch of idiots.

    37. Raymond says:

      wow, This is absolutely horrible.

    38. sg says:

      Whoever came up with these must have drank lots of hotty toddy.. Im really embarrassed for them now and and especially when one of these jokes walk out on the field for the first time.. why dont we put our football players in pink tights too ?

    39. Caitlin says:

      I have a problem: Apparently the committee automatically assumed the maleness of the mascot. Maybe in 10 or 15 years we can have a gender revolution after we get the race thing worked out.

    40. Mike Zeigler says:

      Some of you people that wish to change and see nothing wrong with the change have no idea of TRADITION and what it means… same as America, Mom, apple pie and the Boy Scouts…and many other things…go back to sleep !!!

    41. T-munnie says:

      Why is the Black Bear brown?!!!

    42. Andy says:

      Do a search for indigenous animals in Mississippi, and the best selection would be a red fox. The fox is a cunning and wily creature, and the red could be Rebel red. You could dress him up in the same gear as Colonel Reb was dressed. And, guess what, it took me all of 5 minutes to come up with a better, more well reasoned mascot option than this terrible group of 3 choices.

    43. RR says:

      I’m a Gator, my husband is a… er…..Hotty Toddy?

      I am SOOOO glad we have season tix for the Ole Miss…. When either of these 3 hit the field, it will be a site to behold! I want to hear the boos and see the commotion.

      Shall we pray? Jesus, please let this be for the Boise State game next year. That way the entire country will see how they have pussified a great institution.

      What a disgrace. And….. A “black” bear… it’s racial man.

    44. Cornbread says:

      I tell you what to do…get rid of the necktie and paint his face red and blue! That will Eliminate the notion that he looks like a white plantation owner and he won’t be changed into some crazy unappealing thing that no one wants to see one game day or any other day. No more gripes about skin, or what he looks like. It will be just what it is…a crazed Hotty Toddy loving Col Reb just a lil more modern and PC with the face painted. We get to keep Col. Reb and those that can’t seem to let go of certain issues and open their eyes to the changes at Ole Miss, will be satisfied as well!

    45. Billy says:

      I really thought this was a joke when I first saw the picture. I say Colonel Reb or NOTHING AT ALL.

    46. Papa Reb says:

      This is the Colonel..and I want admin to know that I am hurt, crying, depressed, ready and willing to continue being the mascot of my dear ole miss…just ask me to return and i’ll be there, ready to root the rebels on the vistory. Hotty Toddy!!!!! Ole Miss by Damn!!!!!!

    47. Tammy says:

      WOW! These are awful! I really thought the choices would be quality choices. The Land Shark looks waaaay too much like a Gator. The Black Bear – what in the world does that have to do with a Rebel?! And Hotty Totty HAD some potential, which definitely doesn’t show up here.

    48. Maegan says:

      All three options are a disgrace to Ole Miss. There is a “I do not like this option” available for voters. Be sure to vote so we can make sure none of these three options take the field!

    49. Mike says:

      These three choices make me sick! I love the University, but I am extremely troubled to support these three mascots. I strongly believe the transition will be from “The Ole Miss Rebels” to “The University of Mississippi Bears or Sharks.” The TV commentators who talk about Ole Miss will, undoubtedly, refer to the University by using the “mascot name.” and over time, we will lose Ole Miss and we will be Rebels no more. They are killing my university and all that I love about it.

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