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Monday, May 25, 2015

UM unveils final three mascots

Polling opened today at 8 a.m. for the University of Mississippi community to choose a new mascot. The polling process runs until Tuesday, with three choices: a land shark, bear and Hotty Toddy. For information on how to vote, visit

The final three are:

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    84 Responses to “UM unveils final three mascots”

    1. Matt says:

      Did anyone else just see the alumni funding go flying out of the window? This makes us the laughing stock of the SEC and Country. I say a march is in order.
      Widespread protesting. This really makes me lose any love for my dear Ole Miss. Politically correct administration can shove it. Don’t go to class. Don’t show up to teach. Don’t pay your tuition. Don’t donate. Protest. Picket. SOMETHING. Faulkner is rolling over in his grave and no one is doing enough to stop this insanity. None of my dollars are going to this school. Much less will I come to visit, bringing family or friends. Yet again the people with the pull in this town and school just let this happen with no fight. What a waste.

    2. J. Cooper says:

      This is a Dad gum Shame !!! Colonel Reb is not about racism, Colonel Reb is about Southern Traditions, our historic plantations, the genteel lifestyle of the Delta Farmer. It is about keeping tradition intact and remembering our roots. Don’t let them take that away from Ole Miss. I vote to keep Colonel Reb !!!

    3. Pooh says:

      I can’t beleive what we have been reduced to. Why do we let the minority of people push us around to that point that we even forgot who we are? We are The South and we value Tradition. It has nothing to do with the issues that trouble makers keep throwing around. It is simply tradtiion…. Our tradidtion.

    4. Susan Hanks says:

      Well, let me see…we can’t be “Rebels” represented by an old southern gentleman. Do we want to have the rebelbear? Sounds like the ac repair man. Maybe we should change to the “Gomeeklies”. Now, do we want the gomeekly bear, or the gomeekly bucktooth creature or the gomeekly cool dude? Nope, no vote here.

    5. calli says:

      These choices are truly embarrassing.
      I agree to have Col. Reb or nothing!!

    6. Mandy says:

      Ok, so now can we boycot KFC? aren’t they not twin brothers. The Col Reb and Col.Sanders, that is?

    7. Jim C. says:

      In Mississippi, all we care about is the past. Not all of the past, just one very specific moment frozen in time. We are Ole Miss fans and alumni because Col. Reb represents that to us. “Bears” were once a nuisance animal to us so we tried to get rid of them. That tree hugging president Teddy Roosevelt did not have the guts to do what was appropriate in the Delta when he had the chance, which was to kill that bear after it had been beaten and strung to a tree. Now these people want bears to overrun our whole school and state and country. We at Ole Miss obviously do not care about football, or recruiting or being competitive with the rest of the world; We only want to sit around The Grove drinking Jack Daniels out of red plastic cups and thinking about the good old days when a man could kill a bear without getting in trouble for it and lying to ourselves by telling ourselves that that is how Faulkner would have wanted it. Col. Reb represents that to us and this school administration will not let us have it just because it means the slow ruin of our school. We are already irrelevant in academics and sports. No one wants to come here, so why don’t you let us have our Old mascot since we have no idea how to prioritize what is important in life and let us die slowly in peace the way our confederate forefathers would have wanted us to?

    8. ron lawson says:

      As an outsider (oklahoma fan) I can see the folly of uptight pc administrators trying to deny the heritage of the proud people of MISS. Oklahoma did the same thing in the early sixties by denying a mascot whom was always a native american refered to as “little red” to dance at games. Little red was dressed in authentic cerimonial dance regalia. There was was no caracature or attempt to sterotype.

      PC administrators killed little red thus quelling a representative of the heritage of Oklahoma. Now native american gaming is the largest industry in OK. They have no reservation about using our heritage for commercial pursuits. Does’nt bother me either. Its who we were and are. Miss you are the colonel. Do not allow them to deny your heritage. The PC hacks are unworthy of your respect because they don’t respect those who came before.

    9. Marie says:

      no mascot is better than these choices.

    10. [...] reaction from last night’s release of the images, visit The EAGLE’s earlier post. (October 6, 2010, Page 1) [...]

    11. Jules says:

      Are you kidding? That’s just embarassing.

    12. JmhReb says:

      Why not update Colonel Reb where he is not “offensive” to offended people and call him “Rebel”? This way we don’t lose the whole character and chance loosing the name Rebels.

    13. Justin C Wilkins, OD says:

      There are some people at Ole Miss that need to be removed. Colonel Reb is my mascot. I will donate to the Colonel Reb Foundation until I die; I will boycott anything associated with any of these mascot choices. I will continue to buy Colonel Reb merchandise until it is gone, then no more. I am no longer living in MS, but I am very proud to be Southern and have moral and traditional beliefs. Colonel Reb is about respect.
      UM, you can quit sending me mail and emails, because I DO NOT Support the Alumni Association or their lack of support for reviving Colonel Reb.

      Justin C. Wilkins, OD
      Ashamed Grad 2003

    14. KG says:

      First of all, let me make clear that I am a State fan (go Dawgs..)but all the rest of my family (parents, aunts,cousins) attended or are attending Ole Miss. I have enjoyed tailgating at the Grove since I was 4 or 5 years old and feel at home at Ole Miss almost as much as I do at my beloved State. These mascots are RIDICULOUS!!
      1. There are no bears in this part of the country anymore
      2. Land shark?? come on- the ocean is 7 hrs away
      3. Hotty Toddy?- you could walk around like a steaming hot drink and sing “I’m a hotty toddy..short and stout..grab my handle and pour me out..’ to tune of little tea pot
      Come on, Ole Miss- do not stand for this humiliation! You are a better school than that! FIGHT!!

    15. Beverly says:

      NO, NO, and NO!!!

    16. Rodney says:

      Is it just me or does Hotty Toddy look just like Max Headroom from the 80s/90s, just Grey? If so isn’t that already a trademarked character? I thought Hotty Toddy was supposed to be more Cartoon/Muppet, less Max Headroom.

    17. JAD says:

      I’m a Mississippi State alum with all of the rivalry. However, Ole Miss is a great school with a grand tradition. I don’t see it in these mascots. I don’t see basic dignity in these mascots. I agree with Beverly, “NO, NO, and NO!!!”

    18. Martha says:

      These “mascots” are completely ridiculous. Hey, I attended a high school that had an oil well derrick as a mascot. At least we actually had one on the school campus! I don’t remember seeing any bears or land sharks or whatever that dude is supposed to be at Ole Miss.

    19. jason says:

      this is disgraceful.col rebel is ole miss,with out him I will never spend another dime on anything ole wife is alumni and has spent plenty, but no long ole miss,I myself will become a razorback till colonel reb comes home.the ole miss mascot committee claims time to move on and choose new mascot.I say since the chancellor and the committee have managed to make ole miss the laughing stock of the sec,and will pay for this with the loss of alumni dollars

    20. Massachusetts Rebel says:

      As a Yankee who loves Southern culture, I could not agree more with most of the sentiments expressed here. Up North we do not see Colonel Reb as a symbol of racism but as a symbol of the Old South and its unique, genteel way of life. I think the whole paranoia about Colonel Reb is just good old fashioned guilt over things that happened 150 years ago and that some people just cannot put behind them. Getting rid of Colonel Reb and the Confederate flag does not eradicate racism….only respect for the dignity of your fellow man (or woman) can address that.

    21. Dawn says:

      Hey Matt, it dont matter if they change the mascot or not, Ole Miss has been the laughing stock for years!!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

    22. 1980OHS says:

      Back to the drawing board. I am an African American who prefers the Colonel over these.

    23. Charlene Beck says:

      This is just embarrassing. Ole Miss is and will continue to be the Rebels to its fans period. Ditch the PC crap and go back to what you had and could be proud of. It the Colonel had been black there would not be any gripping about it.

    24. Ken Hale says:

      Tell those guys who fought in Vicksburg while starving with no shoes and tattered clothes for months on end while the Federal government shelled the homes of their neighbors and families that we just can’t give any respect or recognition to our tradition and history. What they were fighting for was meaningless because part of the reason behind the war was wrong. I appreciate what those men did. Outside of the issue of slavery, I believe they fought for what was right, they fought for their way of life, they fought against a tyrannical federal government and they fought to protect their homes and families. I won’t forget.

    25. President Jefferson Davis says:

      Once you lose your heritage and pride and honor and give in to the politically correct and historically ignorant then you will have a losing program. Yep, these anti-south bigots can take away Ole Miss history but it lives on in the hearts of true Southerners and all Confederate Americans. Years ago at a younger age I use to enjoy going to the games just to hear Dixie played and what a great feeling of pride to see the Band stepping high while playing the greatest marching song ever written and to see the Battle Flags once used in the heat of Battle fighting for States Rights and the 10th Amendment to the original Constitution. Soooo, you carpetbaggers and scalawags and northeastern yankees who have taken over the University of Missisissipp have at it but it will never allow for the same pride so many people from Mississippi have shown over the years and losing seasons will abound. As for most of us, we will continue to play Dixie and sing Dixie and wave the Battle Flag of independence and freedom and dare any anti-south bigot to try and take them away from us. I had a relative who was in the State Militia in the 50s just prior to the Korean War and he was in the Dixie Division. He said they proudly wore the Battle Flag patches and military unit patches of the Confederate Army units that existed from 1861-1865. Now that these proud heritage items have been taken from the Federalized Guard there is no pride left and thus the sorry state of affairs in the Military. He said when they were sent to a Carolina military base for further training just prior to going overseas the gates of that Carolina base opened and the Dixie Division Band came throught the gate playing Dixie loud and clear all the soldiers on the base lining the streets stood up and saluted and he heard some shout “There come those Confederate Boys from Alabama, now we will give those communists hell”. Yea, go ahead alumni of Mississippi and destroy your heritage and what little pride you had left. Those of us who are proud of our Confederate Heritage never knew you!

    26. John says:

      HA HA HA HEE HEE HEE!!!!
      You (Ole Miss fans) get what you deserve.
      Geaux Tigers!!!

    27. MARION says:


    28. Judy says:

      Heritage is just something you don’t mess with. I can just see it now…a land shark cheering the crowd on.
      A land shark?? What is that anyway?

    29. An Alumni says:

      I support a change in mascot. Colonel Rebel is not viable here in 2010.

      I supported the bear all along.

      But WHY in the world put a Colonel-esque hat on the bear? Just have a bear – as black bears are being re-introduced and making a concerted comebak in our state.

      Why have “Colonel Bear?” Good idea, terrible design and execution.

    30. Sam says:

      No, No and No.

      Can someone explain to me why Colonel Reb is offensive but Colonel Sanders isn’t. Do we just need to change his name?

      I mean come on this is ridiculous.

    31. Ola says:

      I think most everyone agrees to keep our Colonel Rebel.

      CK out FaceBook sites

      Ole Miss DOESN’T need to change their MASCOT!!!

      Vote NO on new Ole Miss Mascot!

      5000 + Fans also had something to say

    32. Janet says:

      WOW! I don’t see any comments IN SUPPORT of any of these ridiculous choices for mascots – NOT ONE! Is the Ole Miss administration reading any of this?

    33. Ola says:

      Vote NO on new Ole Miss Mascot! Freebook
      Now has 10000 + Likes
      anyone know many Likes to Change ??

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