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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

SURVEY: What do you think of the mascot issue?

While mascot voting is underway, THE EAGLE was curious what you think about the overall mascot issue. We have a two-question survey that will take about 15 seconds to complete. Let us know what you think by clicking on the survey below:
Click here to take survey (October 8, 2010)

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    14 Responses to “SURVEY: What do you think of the mascot issue?”

    1. Karen C. says:

      Can anyone explain why the mascot choice, Rebel Black Bear is BROWN??

    2. John D. says:

      Though I understand the reasons for replacing “Colonel Reb” as the mascot for the ole miss rebel football team I can’t say that I agree with those reasons. If we continue to eliminate the items that remind us of our history are we someday going to forget the mistakes made by our forefathers and again relapse into making those same mistakes. It happens more than one may think. But the real issue is the mascot. If Col. Reb is going to be replaced lets keep the new mascot true to the Ole Miss tradition. The choices before us are not original and have nothing to do with the university. The flying fin from the Landshark (not a real animal) is reminiscent of the tomahawk chop for the Atlanta braves, Hotty Toddy man should be a member of the cheer leading squad not a mascot, besides he reminds me of someone that got lost on the way to Mardi Gras!!!and the black bear to my knowledge was introduced to Mississippi by the Game and Fish commission not a native of Mississippi (I may be wrong here). So maybe the mascot choices need to be reevaluated. Surely we can do better than what is being presented. GO REBELS!!!!!

    3. Charlie says:

      Forget being politically correct-Just give us Colonel Reb again and let’s move on.

    4. John D. says:

      Just wondering what the current choices have to do with Ole Miss? I think a reevaluation of the current mascot choices is needed. Leave Colonel Reb as the mascot.

    5. Michael C says:

      Not a big fan of the three choices. Unsure if this one was ever considered and realize it’s probably too late, but what about the Armadillo? The little critters are all over the state now, they’re unique, ugly/funny-looking, armored, and I don’t think any other schools currently have it as their mascot (Ole Miss Rebels and the Ole Miss Armadillo Mascot). Lotta vowels and it sounds funny too. Anyway, really wish we had more options. Unfortunately, alumni have to pay Ole Miss dues to be able to vote (alumni association membership required) — like many of you, paid too many parking tickets to send more money their way. Anyway, it has to be better than bears (not hardly any in the state), Hotty Toddy (scares the kids/me too), and the Land Shark (too weird and no connection — like a bad joke that has back-fired). If I were King for a Day and HAD to replace the Colonel Reb (with musket aimed at my head, no less), I’d go for the Armadillo. Thanks (and anything but those three).

    6. Barry says:

      I can understand why the change was made, but we might as well just change the name too (Rebels to Bears) and be done with it.

    7. Mike says:

      Col Reb and Dixie are a part of you and your heritage. Bad things happened in the past and the wrong has been righted. It has been righted to a sickening degree. The only reason certain groups of people can’t excel in life is because they chose not too! if you are offended by a few silly song lyrics and a friendly old man you lead a miserable life. No matter what you do there will always be mistakes made and will always be hatred. Col Reb and Dixie set ole miss apart. Oxford and mississippi are very unique. Why not keep that instead of following the band wagon and try to please everyone cause that ain’t happening. Ditch these 3 lame ideas and come up with something you can be proud to tell your grandchildren about. The land shark in a trademarked beer and the ” fin move” belong to Mississippi native Jimmy Buffet and most likely end up in a lawsuit or ole miss will be labeled as a bunch of drunks. The previous post takes care of the bear. Hotty toddy man? Ole miss and Oxford have been noted as having the most beautiful women in the south and you come up with this beast. Get back to your roots! like it or not you are living in the land of cotton. Don’t let ole times there not be forgotten!

    8. Sherry Wadley says:

      I really don’t see what the choices have to with the University at all! It really never bothered/concerned me what the mascot was at Ole Miss or any school for that matter. If it really is about racial issues or being “politically correct”, changing the mascot isn’t gonna change people. And if these are the only choices they came up with, I say just keep the Col. Reb! Will they still be called the “Rebels”? If so, why change the mascot and keep the name? A bear? A shark? Please!!

    9. MM from Georgia says:

      Bring back Colonel Reb, also From Dixie With Love. Stand up to the correctness freaks.

    10. ec says:

      How ’bout “Ole Miss Kudzu” a bunch of kudzu leaves…

    11. maroon&white says:

      As a Bulldog this would be funny if it weren’t so humilating for my home State of Mississippi. It is painful watching this as I’m feeling sorry for my Ole Miss friends and family.

      How about two mascots – A guy mascot named “Flim Fam” and a girl mascot named “Bim Bam”? No other school has two mascots which could be creatively cool for you, and there’s nothing about them to get any PC’er upset. Also, the two have immediate recognition and association with TSUN.

      Just a thought. . . .

    12. frank miller says:

      I think it sucks that we have to have those 3 bogus mascots to choose from. I would rather not have a mascot than to have any of these. Lets get Dan Jones the hell out of Mississippi and get someone who actually cares about Ole Miss and who is not scared of his own shadow. I cannot believe he hasnt been fired yet

    13. Mary Webb says:

      Bulldogs make me think of illegal fighting dogs, and black bear has a race color in it. WHO exactly again says the majority wanted the col. replaced? Because I don’t know ANYONE and have not heard ANYONE except one black guy on TV that say he wanted it changed. I think the whole thing is a scam and someone should really look into it because I don’t believe it one second. This whole think is not doing anything except making Rebel fans mad and in the end will cause some to not be as loyal a fan and may choose to send their kids elsewhere. This is an insult to the very core of a true Rebel heart.

    14. Kris Henson says:

      think that all Alumni that contribute to the Ole Miss but disagree with the mascot change and the fact that Col. Reb was not even a choice just need to pull their donations. Sometimes the only way to make a point is through the pocket book. If enough pull funding, like scholarships, endowments, and etc. then maybe someone will begin to get the picture that we like Col. Reb and the tradition he stands for.

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