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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bear new UM mascot

BREAKING NEWS — The Rebel Bear was announced as the official new University of Mississippi on-field mascot today. For details on how the bear fared against the land shark and Hotty Toddy and for full results of the EAGLE survey about the mascot issue, see today’s EAGLE. (October 14, 2010)

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    7 Responses to “Bear new UM mascot”

    1. Traci Lee says:

      This is the most absurd thing that Ole Miss has ever done!!!!

    2. aj says:

      hate this. totaly 100% agree with Traci Lee!

    3. ec says:

      So cute and cuddly. Such to inspire fear…

      I wish they had chosen Hotty Toddy but made the mascot a glamorous Hooter’s waitress-like female…

    4. Rebecca says:

      It is absolutely ridiculous that the people would trade in Colonel Reb for a Bear! That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of in my life! It is sad to see that people would just throw away all of the traditions that have made Ole Miss what it is today! I don’t see other universities doing that! I’ve always been a huge Ole Miss fan, but this doesn’t say much for the people at Ole Miss for allowing this to happen!

    5. Geoffrey Yoste says:

      Great job University of Mississippi, another self-inflicted wound. Our Black bear isn’t even Black, it’s Brown. So, make that two self inflicted wounds in one day. We look ridiculous again.

    6. Reese says:

      I’ve been a huge ole miss fan forever but I’m now converting 2 a bulldog! They would never let someone change their mascut!

    7. debbie says:

      This is the most stupid decision that has ever been made at Ole Miss. The published percentages of votes well exceeded 100%; 62% voted for the Bear; 56% the land shark; and 42% for Hotty Toddy. This speaks loudly for the method of which the selection, voting and tallying was conducted. Less than honorably I strongly suspect. The use of a mascot should have just been retired and let Col. Reb be a pleasant memory. Having a bear on the football field for the Ole Miss Rebels is nothing less than a farce. I am totally embarrassed by this decision.

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