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Monday, May 25, 2015

Bond denied for alleged panty pirate

The man charged with breaking into several homes and stealing women’s lingerie has been denied bond.

Joseph Paul Lillo, of the Law Hills community in Marshall County, was arrested Sunday and charged with 11 counts of burglary for allegedly breaking into homes in the LOU area since June.

Often referred to as the “panty pirate” and “panty bandit,” Lillo was sent back to the Lafayette County Detention Center Monday afternoon to await his trial without being granted bond, according to information provided by the Oxford Police Department. A reason for the denial was not given.

Lillo, 32, grew up in Lafayette County and attended Lafayette High School where he was a cadet in the ROTC program. He also attended Abbeville First Baptist Church. In the last few years, he moved to Marshall County where he is employed as a mill worker. (October 5, 2010, Page 1)

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    6 Responses to “Bond denied for alleged panty pirate”

    1. Rosha says:

      I realize the “panty bandit” stole a sense of security from his victims, but the crime he did was very petty. He went into their homes and stole a picture and some USED not even brand new undergarments. This crime is so small and doesn’t seem that a jail sentence is really what the “panty bandit” needs for his punishment. Yes, we do need to punish people for their crime, but the fact that the “panty bandit” broke into these homes and stole underwear, not televisions, jewelry, money, etc., makes me believe that he has mental issues that need to be worked out, not punishment. Maybe he does need some form of punishment as well, but I feel before he goes back onto the streets, he needs to be examined for issues that are not visible to the human eye. For someone to break into homes and still items worth $50 at the most, if they were brand new, and leave all other valuables untouched, there has to be a reason. This reason is what I feel needs to be determined to fix that part of the “panty bandit”. If it is a fetish, yes punish him. But if the reasoning behind his crime is psychological, then that is what needs to be corrected to prevent his actions of breaking and entering to still undergarments from continuing.

    2. beth says:

      Its a sick crime! he worked with children at church then to find out that he was braking into homes… Its the fact that he BROKE in to someones home. It has nothing to do with what he stole. HE DID THE CRIME AND SHOULD FACE TIME!

    3. Rosha says:

      I agree, he did do the crime and I did not know he worked with children, but I don’t think he should do that again. He also needs to have some psychological examinations prior to being put back into the public. He does need to be punished for his wrong doings as well.

    4. Sarah says:

      If you break into numerous homes you need a jail sentence. Stealing panties… you need to be a registered sex offender! A laptop was stolen and the last time I checked they were more than $50. Plenty of people have fetishes but they do not include breaking into peoples homes and stealing things and scaring innocent people… yes, he has a serious problem and needs to face time behind bars.

    5. Renee says:

      He ruined a friend of mines life. He is not only a panty thief, but is a child abuser. He stuck my friend’s child in scalding hot water. My friend’s child recieved second degree burns as a result. How is that for a reason to be denied bond?

    6. Renee says:

      I’m just saying, the guy is sick! I wouldn’t let him within ten feet of any of my children!

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