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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bear named UM mascot

So long Colonel Rebel. Hello Rebel Black Bear.

The Rebel Mascot Selection Committee announced this morning that the Rebel Black Bear will be the new on-field mascot for the Ole Miss Rebels. The bear now becomes the official mascot, replacing Colonel Reb, who was removed as the on-field mascot seven years ago and whose image was officially retired this summer.

The selection committee made the recommendation to University of Mississippi leaders Wednesday night following a thorough analysis of the latest poll of Ole Miss students, faculty, staff, alumni and season ticket holders (October 14, 2010, Page 1)

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    12 Responses to “Bear named UM mascot”

    1. aw says:

      POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. SJ says:

      It is political correctness gone amuck. There was nothing wrong with the Colonel. This is getting to the point of being ridiculous. A lot of people died fighting the War Between the States that never owned slaves. There is not a thing wrong with honoring these men whom fought and died in America’s bloodiest war. I know I will sound like a tea party idiot, who I am not at all, I am pretty liberal. The only problem that I have with liberalism is the fact that everyone has the right to not be offended, that premise is ridiculous. In a country there will be some people that will be offended by something that they hear or see, and guess what that is okay. I see things on a daily basis that I find offensive, but that does not mean that I think that they need to be changed just to suit my FEELINGS!!!! The next thing you know UGA is going to get a hologram dog, instead of a real one because of one idiot from PETA crying animal cruelty. Sorry for the rant. A disgusted UGA fan.

    3. Thomas says:

      I like the bear!! Great choice!

    4. Robert Daniel says:

      It was a rigged poll from the very start. The colonel was excluded from the start for students and alumni to officially vote for. He would have won by a landslide. Every poll in local papers and tv stations that include him with the other “options” have the Colonel winning with roughly 75% of vote with other top three getting a TOTAL of 25%. I want to return my diploma. A black bear, seriously

    5. Rebecca says:

      This is absolutely repulsive!

    6. Arthur says:

      My alma-mater, New Mexico State, changed its logo in 2006, taking away his guns and giving him a lasso. They also changed the logo’s appearance because our old one resembled Ok State’s. A couple of years ago, they gave him back his guns, but they didn’t go back to the old logo. There was a big outcry about that entire process, and like at Ole Miss, here at NMSU the adminstration refused to listen to the students, fans, and alumni who were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the old mascot. I’m disappointed with the decision makers at Ole Miss for not listening, just as I am with the ones at NMSU.

    7. disgusted says:

      I am absolutely offended at the Ole Miss administration’s path to political correctness. As a 1989 graduate of this once-great university, I too, am seriously considering returning my diploma. I am filled with regret that I ever attended this school, and that comes from a fifth-generation graduate of Ole Miss. The thing that disappoints me the most is those who disapprove of the administration’s actions, and yet continue to provide millions of dollars in financial support. Once the plans
      were put into action to remove the colonel, I immediately resigned my membership in the alumni association and I vowed to never give another dime to Ole Miss as long as they continued down the path they were on. I am still true to my word that I gave to Ole Miss when I resigned seven years ago and I vow to never again provide any support whatsoever to this disgraceful institution as long as the current administration continues down the path they are on. I was once proud to call myself an Ole Miss graduate, but not anymore. What the administration has done is an absolute joke in other parts of the country such as my current home in Seattle, WA.

    8. Charles Depro says:

      I cannot believe the abandonment of Colonel Rebel for a BLACK BEAR? Let’s file suit and say that the Bengal Tiger is an endangered species and should be replaced at LSU or the Razorback at eh University of Arkansas is offensive to those of the Jewish faith so it shopuld be abandoned also. I am truly embarassed for Ole Miss!

    9. L. Wallace says:

      I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Ole Miss was banishing Col. Reb and replacing him with “Rebel” Black Bear as their mascot. If the purpose was to rid the University of all vestiges of the history of our Southland then it seems that you should no longer use the name “Ole Miss”, since that was the title given to the Master of the plantation’s wife –the lady or mother of the estate — alma mater. Since the purpose seems to be purging all evidence, memory or recognition of our past , it also seems ridiculous to call the new mascot “rebel” black bear…if the administration insists on an oxymoronic symbol, one more on point would be a “Rebel Pacifist”. “Rebel” indeed, who’s he rebelling against
      Smokey or Yogi? Maybe his jersey should have the number 4F. Here’s one “Roll Tide” fan who has also loved Ole Miss or more than 70 years who is bitterly disappointed that the students, graduates and other alumni would just roll over and accept this. If you’re really rebels then REBEL1

    10. missy says:

      O.k how do you think the football team ,which is mostly African American feel when they are called the black bears,ha.Now if that isn’t racist.!!

    11. Ola says:

      Bring back Colonel Reb! – The Petition Site
      A petition to support the removal of Rebel Black Bear and bringing Colonel Reb back.

    12. spepper says:

      BOO the BEAR!

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