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Friday, May 29, 2015

Underage drinking bust leaves Lyric in chaos

The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office, with help from the Oxford Police Department, arrested four bartenders from The Lyric during the Oxford Music Festival on Friday night for allegedly serving alcohol to minors. The bar had hired Cobra Security Inc. to check identifications at the door. Somehow, two underage informants working with law enforcement were able to purchase drinks from four of the six bartenders working at The Lyric. (September 6, 2010, Page 2A)

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    3 Responses to “Underage drinking bust leaves Lyric in chaos”

    1. Joe says:

      If Cobra Security was working the door and checking IDs, it should NOT fall upon the bartenders to double-check IDs – this whole incident smells of a set up – pure and simple.

    2. Sean says:

      I’m surprised by this. The Lyric is about as professional as it gets. Cobra security always checks my ID and I go to a ton of shows there. And actually I was there Friday night and the first time I went to the bar apparently the bartender couldn’t see my event wristband for all the other crap I have around my wrist. She asked to see it and I pushed everything out of the way so she could. That’s typically how it goes there. They don’t mess around. I was up front for the show so I didn’t even know til Saturday night what went down. I did read twitter posts later from others near the bar that the bars were left unattended and Police didn’t even notify Cobra so they could secure the bars. Not cool.

    3. becca says:

      I was at the Lyric that Friday and They arrested every bartender BUT they let the lyric continue to serve alcohol and have a party. LEGALLY this cannot happen. They have to shut down at least the alcohol sales. AND not just that; it probably was a set up due to the fact that the oxford police department has not met their quota for the past two months. Thats the reasoning behind all the bogus road blocks where they don’t even check everyones license. I went through three road blocks in one night and NEVER ONCE got asked for license, insurance, or even to stop! And while the police department is not meeting their monthly quota, they still have money to buy horses to ride around the square on, money to feed these horses, and to take care of them which is not cheap(known from experience). The police department is supposed to be here to protect us from harm but all I ever see them do is harrass citizens so they can get paid! (and as a side note: I am not speaking on all policemen/women; some are very good at their job and want a better place to live in but the others are out to do what they want and get paid for it)

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