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Monday, May 25, 2015

Mascot search down to three

Voting opens on Wednesday at for the final three mascot options for Ole Miss. The choices are down to a land shark, Hotty Toddy or a bear. Voting will only last six days and then a final decision will be made. (September 30, 2010, Page 1, 2)

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    1. Susan H. Falls says:

      I have information that needs to be considered by the Mascot Selection Committee regarding their decison to pull “Rebellion” from the top five remaining mascot candidates, but do not know how to get this information to them. Their reason for pulling Rebellion was that he has no connection to Mississippi or Ole Miss. I beg to differ! Rebellion is the Action of Rebels, and this particular lion is a gift from Colonel Rebel which would UNIFY the community. The Colonel found this particular lion in OXFORD,ENGLAND while on his travels since retirement. He has one Red Ear and One Blue Ear which makes him very UNIQUE. He meets all of the other criteria on their list also. He can ADAPT FROM THE GROVE TO THE GAME by being very people friendly and energetic. He can leap and stalk and pounce and roar! He fits Ole Miss CULTURE by leading the pride, having agility and strength, a regal stature and grace. Hailing from Oxford, England, our sister city, he ties in with the English culture depicted with our double decker buses and phone booths. He is TIMELESS, NOT TRENDY, something I cannot see the Land Shark as being, so I am not understanding the committee’s desire to pull Rebellion from consideration. If you would like more information, I would be more than happy to submit his artwork and poem of which I retain the copyright at this time but have agreed to release his image freely to the University if chosen. Rebellion needs to be in the final voting process! He is an English Lion who would be very comfortable riding around town in the red double decker buses or talking in one of the red telephone booths around the square. There are also two stone lions outside the Lyceum Building for some reason! He is the King of Beasts, can Roar with the Rebels, and can lead the Pride of the Southland like no other. . .Sincerely, Susan Falls, Mother of Rebellion

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