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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Update on Ole Miss’ Taylor Hashman

SPORTS EDITOR BLOG — Former Ole Miss baseball standout Taylor Hashman is now listed in critical condition, according to information provided by the Regional Medical Center in Memphis today.Hashman’s health status Monday was listed as serious condition, but that has now been changed to critical condition, the stage he was listed upon his immediate arrival at the hospital on Saturday. According to information provided by The Med, critical condition means that an individual’s vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits.

Other information about Hashman’s condition is being provided through a website the family has established. They said that while Hashman is listed in critical condition, there is encouragement that his second surgery has been a benefit. Hashman’s inner cranial pressure was elevated prior to his second surgery and apparently that pressure has been relieved according to information provided by the doctors to the family.

Hashman is in the hospital today after being involved in an altercation outside of The Exchange Apartment complex early Saturday morning. According to information provided by the Oxford Police Department, Hashman was struck in the face by a person he knew. Police responded to a call of an unresponsive male at 2:08. It was later determined that Hashman suffered head trauma due to his fall backwards on to the concrete at the complex.

Hashman was than air lifted by helicopter to The Med where he underwent surgery to relieve the pressure that had built up inside his head. No charges have been issued against the suspect that allegedly hit Hashman and the incident is still be investigated by police and university officials. (August 3, 2010)

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    6 Responses to “Update on Ole Miss’ Taylor Hashman”

    1. Ted Sheckler says:

      Why hasn’t the male cheerleader from Hernando been charged yet? He needs to be locked up now – what a sickening story.

    2. Lindsay says:

      As one of Taylor’s family members, I completely agree that it is sickening that someone could do this.

    3. ben says:

      self defense

    4. mike says:

      Self defense? Kidding me buddy? Get a clue

    5. Ben says:

      Let me guess Mike its not self defense because you seen the whole thing right? Im just saying I do not know what happened, but im just not buying that they have not arrested him yet because the charges could not be upgraded because thats not true so there has to be more to the story

    6. Michelle says:

      I know Taylor personally and he is a great guy. Your right there is more to the story than what has been told but the bottom line is that the freak that struck Taylor blindsided him for no reason, surely has to pay. For with every action there is a consequence. Taylor, his family, and those who love and know him, have all suffered from this seneless act of violence. Taylor was a victim of ignorance, in which he is now fighting for his life.You cannot charge someone with a misdemeanor and then charge them again for the same crime with a felony. That is called double jeporady. Regardless, its a horrible crime and such a disrespect for another human beings life. This person will one day surely realize that karma comes around when you least expect it.

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