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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kennon Observatory Open House

When: 7/16/2010
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The Kennon Observatory at Ole Miss will have a free open house from 8:20 to 9:30 this evening. The Moon, Saturn, Venus and the (tiny) Mars are all observable after sunset, but they all go down early. The best time to view them is in the beginning of the session. Afterwards attending will be observing star clusters, nebulae and colorful double stars. As the dome of Kennon Observatory is being repaired, observers will not be able to use the large telescope inside. However, some good quality scopes will be set up in the parking lot. Observations are possible only if the weather cooperates. In case the weather is cloudy, or rainy, there can be no observation. In that case some physics demonstrations will be available for viewing for those interested. Families and children are welcome.

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