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Sunday, August 30, 2015

New restaurant ‘a good place to daydream’

Mink’s On the Park has only been open three months, but the restaurant is quickly becoming a favorite among Oxford residents, especially those living on the west side of town. A place to stop daily for a quick sandwich or an early morning coffee, Mink’s is located at 904 College Hill Road. (June 28, 2010, Page 5)

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    1. Adolf Oliver Nipples says:

      I used to be a professional chef for 20 years and tried giving this place several chances and let me tell you this place sucks!!! Terrible service and management! The older lady who seems to run the place is rude and pushy!!! The young girls that work there seemed overwhelmed and are usually left alone! It’s all over priced store bought food that seems to sit around way too long! Freshness doesn’t seem to be the goal here which is insulting! The bread was stale and the meats and cheeses were slimey almost every time! It also doesn’t take 20 minutes to make only 2 cold cut sandwiches! I’ve seen the same stuff they serve sold at Sams Club! My son ordered a hot dog and it was microwaved, disgusting, and was served in an oversized baguette and drenched in ketchup! It was laughable! The few homemade ideas are mediocre at best! Even for Oxford this is bad! The only people who think this place has good food either have no taste buds or are like most locals that have no taste cause they’ve never been anywhere else! MInks would be better suited as an American themed restaurant stand in a bus station in some third world country where they wouldn’t have a clue!

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