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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Alcohol on Sunday?

BREAKING NEWS —  The Board of Aldermen approved to form a committee to research the possibility of future Sunday sales including a change in laws and restrictions to redefine restaurants and bars as well as other needed ordinances. The motion carried 4-3.

The Board of Aldermen denied 6-1 to request Sunday Alcohol Sales from the Alcoholic Beverage Control on 4th of July and home football weekends for this year with the restaurants being open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Alderman-at-large John Morgan voted for the proposal.

With the room at a packed house, a 77 occupancy limit but over 40 outside the room listening in, the Board of Aldermen listened to both those in support and against Sunday alcohol sales. Four Square business owners and Oxford Tourism Council showed their support for business and tourism growth.

Two local churchgoers and two residents a block off the Square asked the board to deny Sunday sales for religious reasons and for the inconvenience of noise and littering. An employee of a local restaurant, John Hunter, noted that he enjoys having the day off from work and as a resident, having a slower pace to Oxford.

The city attorney, Pope Mallette, did not recommend moving forward with a resort status or local private law but suggested requesting a change in the general law that would allow municipalities to define restaurants as a higher percentage of food sales than current state law. (June 1, 2010, Page 1, 2)

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    5 Responses to “Alcohol on Sunday?”

    1. [...] to truck it to the Panola County line to get anything resembling an adult beverage on Sundays, as the Oxford Board of Aldermen, which I believe is just a step down from the Illuminati and the Fre….  The town, which has enjoyed a reputation for years as “a drinkng town with a football [...]

    2. tb says:

      With a disadvantageous home football schedule, Oxford will feel the economy even more this year. Join the 21st century and make some progress! You dont have to serve it during church hours if that is your issue, unless you want folks to wake up and leave town bright and early every Sunday.

    3. bob says:

      “religious reasons” LOL

    4. Neighbor says:

      So what are the current Sunday alcohol sales laws in Oxford-Layfayette including beer hard liquor store sales and resturants? I’ll be visiting today.

    5. Melanie Addington says:

      Hi, This sunday is the first special exception Sunday for alcohol sales in restaurants only from 11 am to 9 pm. No convenience store sales on Sunday still.

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