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Monday, May 25, 2015

Letters to the Editor

Local reader and author Gerald Inmon wonders about the true value of a penny if it cost nearly a penny to produce one. (February 17, 2010, Page 4)

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    1. Gov. Haley Barbour looks a lot like us!!!!

      Recently there has been a fire storm about the comments Gov. Haley Barbour made in reference to the civil rights era, “I don’t recall it being that bad.” These comments may not endear the governor to some citizens but I would like to challenge us to build relationships with other folk that don’t look like us. You see I can respect the governor’s comments as honest truth based on his environment. We are all products of our environment. As an African American male whose parents grew up in that era, in the south, our experiences were very different from the governors. I don’t believe Gov. Barbour is a racist or a bad man. I do believe he needs to build relationships with others from different ethnic backgrounds. My challenge is for everyone reading this article to connect with someone of a different race. Yes I mean really connect – build relationships outside of the work place. Ask yourself how many friends do you have that look or think differently than you? As a retired Army Veteran with 20 years of service I’ve had the opportunity to prove these theories time and time again. People are people and when we get to know them we find out how much we are alike. One of my best friends in the military was Mike Jefferson; Iron Mike as we called him. He was a tough no-non sense Special Forces warrior. Mike was my company sergeant major in C 1/7 back at Ft. Bragg, NC in the early 1990s. Mike became one of my closest mentors and friends. After he left the unit we continued to develop our relationship. This relationship would seem strange to some because Mike was this “white guy from Mississippi” and was this “black guy from East Texas.” Our friendship wasn’t just a slap on the back. We had true genuine love and respect for each other. When Mike would come back to Ft. Bragg on business he would stay at my house. When I would fly out to El Paso on business I would spend the night at Mikes place. In July 2009 Mike and I had our final conversation. You see Mike was dying from cancer and he called me with a simple request. Mike asks me to be one of the four speakers at his memorial service. As we spoke for the last time I held back the tears and told Mike I would talk about relationships. If we are going to move our state forward we have to develop true meaningful relationships with others from different cultures. Mike and I were friends for 20 years, wow that’s a lifetime.
      Gov. Haley Barbour looks a lot like us!!!!

      Terry Johnson, Sr.
      Oxford, MS
      January 4, 2011

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